There’s been a marketing earthquake. And the old landscape has been totally ripped up. We no longer shout about what makes us better. We have to prove it. Customers are now critics who tell the world if you deliver less than the best. But offer amazing experiences and these same customers will become your most powerful salesforce.

Dialogue is Europe’s first Customer Experience Agency. Using KPMG and Nunwood’s six core pillars, we transform media and messages from passive communications into positive experiences along the entire customer journey.

We are also founding partners of – Ireland’s first Customer Experience Insights business, and the CX Academy, Ireland’s leading CX training practitioners.

Let’s talk and we’ll tell you how.


Dialogue has preached and practiced positive customer engagement for twenty years – and we have the case studies and awards to prove it. We build knockout customer experiences across the six robust Customer Experience pillars:

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What is CXi?

CXi is an acronym for Customer Experience Insights. It is a membership service for Irish companies committed to growing their business by studying international best practice to unlock CX insights to accelerate growth.

CXi enables companies to design, deliver and measure world class customer experience programmes following a tried and tested six pillar framework that is used by leading CX organisations across the globe.

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