Using Images To Tell A Story


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, however in business, a picture can be worth a lot more. When choosing images or pictures to tell a specific story, it’s important that the business knows what brand or message they are trying to convey. With popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter becoming important sources of traffic, it’s vital for businesses to know which photos to choose  and when and where to post them. Today’s consumers gravitate towards visual content with photos generating 53% more likes on Facebook compared to the average post. All of these social media channels help businesses to tell a story that creates engagement and helps to nurture and build brand loyalty with customers.

A simple picture has the ability to capture emotion, mood and ideas without using any text, so it is important that your brand produces something that grabs the attention of the viewers. Our brains process pictures 60,000 more times faster than text therefore you really only have 1.3 seconds to capture our attention.

Below are some compelling pictures that tell a story without using any text…


Madison Duffy
Account Executive




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