Terms and conditions don’t apply for Irish Millennials


Millennials are far less forgiving than Generation X or Baby Boomers.  And they will avoid a company for life after a poor experience, which implies that a negative CX for this segment is more costly over time.  Setting honest expectations will go a long way towards closing the gap when expectations and experience are misaligned. And Millennials share disconnects with their tribes immediately. There is nothing worse than a wounded beast in the connected world.

To counter this, Dialogue recommends you invest in amazing first time welcome experiences. This will give you more credit with Millennials when things go wrong. It will also get them sharing and endorsing you amongst friends and colleagues.

We also recommend you kill the fine print as it is one of the Millennials biggest reasons for disconnection with brands. We need to manage their expectations better by under promising and over delivering. Keeping things simple for the scanning Millennial is wise. Terms and conditions simply don’t apply.

And while we’re at it, resolving problems is the biggest opportunity to turn a disgruntled Millennial into a killer sales rep for your brand. Handle resolutions brilliantly and you will kill churn and create the strongest acquisition tool that money can’t buy.

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