CX Excellence – Southwest Airlines, Delta, Jet Blue, British Airway and Virgin

After all the negative publicity the Airline sector has received lately, we have decided to put together a collection of some of the great airline experiences. These should get you smiling like a doctor with a new set of front teeth.


Cpt. Brandner to the rescue

When a plane was left stranded in its holding bay for several hours due to thunderstorms, the pilot, Captain Brandner could have stayed quiet and left his passengers to sit tight. Instead he picked up his phone and ordered 50 pizzas with his own card. When he made the announcement that the pizzas were coming, the whole plane applauded (The only time it should be acceptable to applaud on a plane!).

When asked why he decided to do all this, he says he felt it was his duty.
“If the need arises you need to take care of your family; you need to take care of your passengers. They are my responsibility the moment they step on the aircraft until they get off the aircraft,” Captain Brandner said.

Insight: Captain Brandner is the pilot everybody wishes they had on their flight. He has proven that he takes an empathetic approach to dealing with his passengers and has even referred to them as ‘Family’. Empathy is more than just seeing the world from the customers’ perspective. It is having the emotional intelligence to choose the right emotional response from a range of potential emotions to improve things for the customer.



Delta CEO steps out of his comfort zone for a customer

Jesse Frank was the eighth passenger on a standby list for a delayed flight, showing zero seats available. She was desperate to get home to see her daughter. After 7 names were called, Jesse’s was finally announced. She was greeted by a ‘familiar faced’ man in collared shirt and tie, who placed her carry-on luggage in an overhead compartment and pointed her in the direction of her seat; she didn’t give it a second thought. She assumed he must have been an off-duty pilot she had flown with before. Little did she know, that man was the CEO of delta Airlines who had just given up his seat for a customer. 

She didn’t realise this until an air hostess announced that “a ‘special guest’ was sitting in the jump seat of the cockpit – the CEO of Delta Airlines”. Jesse was so amazed by the kind act that she left an open letter to him on the Delta Facebook page.

Insight: Delta’s CEO was putting himself in his customer’s shoes by flying on a standard flight and even experienced a delay that wouldn’t normally come his way, had he been flying on a private jet.
The fact that he gave up the comfort of his seat to sit in a cramped cockpit shows how much he truly cares about his customers.



How to get passengers to greet a crying baby with a smile

What’s worse than sitting next to a crying baby on a long flight? Being the parent holding the crying
baby! You know you’re responsible for everyone else’s misery, and there’s often very little you can
do to fix it. For Mother’s Day, JetBlue decided to turn this frequent frustration on its head by actually
rewarding passengers when babies cry. JetBlue offered a 25% discount to passengers on a flight from JFK to Long Beach each time a baby started crying. That meant if four babies cried, all
passengers would get a free round-trip ticket for their next JetBlue flight.

Insight: This is a brilliant resolution to an unavoidable hindrance for passengers. And shows great empathy towards the dreading mothers, who are stresses about being in a small space surrounded by angry people.



British Airways pilot turns a bad experience into a great one

A BA pilot stepped out of his comfort zone (Cockpit) to face a cabin full of restless passengers who had faced lengthy delays due to fog. The announcement was that the passengers would have to disembark because of a flat tyre on the plane. This could have been made over the intercom, but the pilot felt it would be a much more humane way to break the bad news while standing front and centre at the top of the cabin. He was honest, and let his passengers know exactly what was to happen and how long it would take. And because of this, there was a much warmer response than usual from his passengers.

Insight: One of the biggest issues customers have with airlines is the lack of clear communication with them. Be it T’s & C’s for an overbooked flight or reasons for delayed or cancelled flights. Customers always seem to get the bare minimum of information required. When things are out of an airlines control the best thing to do is to explain exactly what is happening and manage the customers’ expectations by telling them what is going to happen as a result.



Richard Branson chimes in on the airlines controversy

Virgin Group CEO and founder, Richard Branson recently gave his thoughts on the recent airline controversy. In his article he writes “customers deserve innovation, they deserve respect, and they deserve an amazing experience. They do not deserve to be treated like numbers on a balance sheet, and cattle in a cabin.”

If this is the mentality coming from the very top of the company then you can guarantee it will be followed throughout all of Virgin Group’s products. We wrote in an article last month that the Airline industry needs to learn from its leaders. And Virgin is definitely setting the standard at the top.

It’s quite clear that the customer’s tolerance levels have reached breaking point with the airline industry. And it’s time the brands with the spotlight shone on them prove they care, or face losing their loyal customers.


We are always looking for examples of CX Excellence. If you have any yourself please send them on to us and we will feature it in our blog.

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CX Excellence – Hailo/My Taxi, LetsJetpack, Virgin Trains, Dominos Pizza

One of the best ways of explaining how CX works is by giving real life examples of Customer Experience Excellence. We have found genuine customer stories and shared insights into how these bring to life the Six Pillars in our CX framework.

The Six Pillars are based on creating emotional connections with customers and include Personalisation, Integrity, Empathy, Time & Effort, Expectations and Resolution.


Ireland waves goodbye to Hailo

Albert Einstein remarked that “a thing should be made as simple as it can be but not simpler.”

The handover from Hailo to MyTaxi has been one of the smoothest and most straightforward I’ve experienced with a mobile app. As soon as I downloaded the app and opened it, it immediately gave me the option to merge all my details with my Hailo app.  No inputting data, no redoing my credit card details. Simple

What is the least number of steps required for the customer to achieve their objective? A recent much publicised advert from Lidl dramatized how much easier they are to do business with than Morrisons. The ad listed the 44 steps you needed to undertake to achieve lower prices via rival supermarket Morrison’s loyalty card, or the ad said “you could just go to Lidl”. Our research shows that any more than three steps begin to irritate or confuse. NPS scores tend to fall at step 4. I counted a total of 3 steps from downloading the new MyTaxi app to actually ordering a taxi, which exceeded my expectations having been worried about making the switch initially.



Emergency necessities in a flash

For a price of between one and five dollars, students on Stanford University’s campus can now order an emergency delivery of essentials. Based on the idea that many of the items that people need while out and about are already at home, Letsjetpack provides travel sizes of 15 different products. Delivery is by fellow students, known as ‘Jetpackers’.

Rather than having to make an extra trip to the store, students download the app, select the products that are needed and within minutes, receive their delivery. From deodorant and energy drinks to painkillers and Kleenex, LetsJetpack covers most daily remedy needs. The founder of the company is planning to expand soon and bringing in the idea of selling themed kits, such as hangover cures or cold remedies.

Letsjetpack have built their business with the pillars of Time&Effort and Empathy in mind. Being students themselves, they understand the nightmare that can come from forgetting essential toiletries or cosmetics and are prepared to get them to whoever needs them, whenever or wherever.



The case of the missing textbooks

Is there anything better than a good mystery? This particular case involved a schoolbag full of GCSE textbooks being left aboard a train. As far as excuses go, it’s not quite ‘the dog ate my homework’, but it’s close. Harriet, a member of staff, could have handed in the bag to lost property. But instead, she imagined what a nightmare losing all of your GCSE work must be, and put on her detective hat. Unfortunately, there weren’t too many clues in the bag, so Harriet followed her detective’s instinct and took a look at the textbooks. She discovered the name of the student’s school, and then gave them a call. Then, with a little help from teachers, she tracked down the lucky student, and reunited them with their work. Case closed!

Resolution is an important aspect of The Six Pillars. Indeed, every brand should prepare for such an eventuality in their customer experience strategy as, even with the most refined processes, there is a high likelihood of something going wrong. For organisations, the art lies in being able to deal with problems swiftly and efficiently. And if a member of staff is willing to go ‘above and beyond’ to resolve a customer’s problem, the customer may end up with a better opinion of the brand than they had before the problem.

Story courtesy of Virgin Trains –to read more Virgin customer stories visit their site here




Pizza on command

Anyone can now place an order for Dominos with the Google Assistant on Google Home by saying, “OK Google, order Dominos.” At that point the customer is seamlessly handed off to Dom, Dominos home-grown voice-activated virtual ordering assistant. Dom guides the customer through the ordering process using natural-language ordering technology. And if a customer doesn’t have ‘Google home’ they can do the same with the app on their phone.

Key parts of the customer experience (often because they happen first) are the time we spend waiting and the effort we have to expend to achieve our objectives.

Managing waiting time and effort is therefore critical to positive memories of the experience. Now that customers don’t need to expend any effort other than saying a command to their phone or ‘Google home’, all that stands in the way of them eating their pizza is the delivery time, which can be monitored on the app.  Dominos Pizza is covering every aspect of the customer journey brilliantly.


Staff hold the key to remarkable experiences

A bank customer needed to withdraw cash from his account late on a Friday. Luckily for him the teller in the bank was willing to go out of her way to help a customer in need. Read the story below.

My wife and I had been in Florida when late on a Friday afternoon I got a call from my brother telling me that my mother had passed away. I started making arrangements to fly up to NY to take care of everything, and realizing that I needed a lot of cash, I quickly asked my wife to call the bank and see what time they closed at.”

“I got to the bank, and found it was locked, but knocked on the door, hoping someone would still be there. A woman came to the door, unlocked it and let me in, telling me that she spoke to my wife. She said she was sorry about my mother and that the vault was locked so she couldn’t get any cash. But she told me to sit down, and said “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back.” She went back to the front door, went out, and locked me in the bank. There I was, locked inside a bank branch by myself on a late Friday afternoon. A few minutes later she came back to the front door, unlocked it, and came back in. She then gave me four $100 bills and said “I know this isn’t as much as you wanted, but I hope it can tide you over until you can get more.” I asked her where she got the money from, and she said “I went out to the ATM and took it out of my account. You can pay me back when you get back from NY.”

Some things can’t be taught to staff. This is definitely an experience that falls under this bracket. It just goes to show the importance of hiring the right people. Staff who are willing to go out of their way for your customer are your most important asset. They are the face of your business and have the power to make your customer’s experience with it a remarkable one, or a poor one.


We are always looking for examples of CX Excellence. If you have any yourself please send it on to us and we will feature it in our blog.

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CX Excellence – Aviva, Feeleys Chipper, Jack Threads and

One of the best ways of explaining how CX works is by giving real life examples of customer experience excellence. We have found genuine customer stories and shared insights into how these bring to life the Six Pillars in our CX framework.

The Six Pillars are based on creating emotional connections with customers and include Personalisation, Integrity, Empathy, Time & Effort, Expectations and Resolution.

An insurance renewal to remember



Renewing car insurance can be extremely frustrating with customers feeling duty bound to shop around to get a better deal. ‘Muireann’, an Aviva customer, had been calling around to compare prices. When she called Aviva to discuss her renewal, the customer service agent blew her away.

The Aviva agent noticed Muireann’s name and began speaking to her in Irish. Thinking it was just a little small talk, she threw out a few Irish phrases but the agent continued talking about her car insurance. She was a little embarrassed at first, not having spoken Irish regularly since school and was worried it wouldn’t be good enough to continue an insurance renewal call ‘As Gaeilge’.  The agent was extremely patient and more than willing to prompt her with any words she didn’t know and eventually they were able to complete the call speaking Irish.

The feeling of joy and pride when she completed the call hit the roof. This was a task that Muireann never expected to enjoy and it left her with a big smile on her face. Muireann has since gone out of her way to talk to friends and family about the experience and is writing to Aviva to thank the amazing customer service agent for the experience he gave her.

Insight: The insurance sector remained at the bottom of the rankings in this year’s CXi report. This sector’s continued focus on acquisition at the peril of retention gives it one of the highest churn rates. Stories like this however, show that Aviva are genuinely investing in the right staff and are focussed on bucking the trend. What a great example of combining Personalisation and Empathy.

Belfast Chipper comes to sick customers aid


Feeleys Chippy

We’ve all seen the comments field when ordering food online. Usually it’s to tell the restaurant to add extra ketchup, or to let the delivery person know to phone on arrival as the doorbell is broken. One customer of Belfast fish and chip shop ‘Feeley’s’ had a very unusual request on her online order.

The chipper on the Shaws Road in West Belfast was surprised when an order marked ASAP came in on December 30 – complete with a request to pick up some flu medicine en route and send it along with the food.

In fact it seems the customer wasn’t even hungry. All she wanted was a box of cold and flu medicine and was too sick to go to her local pharmacy to pick it up.

Along with her order, she had added: “Will you please stop in Spar on the way and pick up some cold and flu tablets and I’ll give you the money, only ordering food so I can get the tablets. I’m dying sick xx”

The Feeley’s deliveryman kindly obliged and picked up the medicine.

The customer then commented on Feeley’s Facebook and thanked them for helping her out in her hour of need.

Tablets Feeleys Chippy

This is a remarkable example of a business going above and beyond to exceed their customer’s Expectations.

Insight: Customers have needs and they also have expectations about how these needs will be delivered. Customer satisfaction is the difference between Expectation and actual delivery. Understanding, delivering and, if possible, exceeding expectations is a key skill of great organisations.

How Bob the waiter got a 200,000% tip


Restaurant check

“John” was looking forward to celebrating being able to chew again after a root canal treatment by visiting a local restaurant with his wife. Things didn’t turn out quite as they expected!.They had a long wait after arriving and were eventually seated at the bar beside a noisy blender used for crushing ice – not the best start. Their waiter Bob then hurriedly took their drink orders without asking if they wanted food, which they did. Eventually they did get their food orders taken but the sides ended up being brought out before the meal and one of their orders was wrong. Bob the waiter admitted he was in the wrong and apologised.

The rest of their meal arrived shortly after and it was an otherwise pleasant experience… until the bill arrived. The couple noticed that the price for their full meal and drinks came to one cent. Assuming this was another mistake they showed Bob the bill and asked him how much they needed to pay. But Bob told them there was no mistake and instead apologised for the poor experience they received, Delighted, the couple tipped Bob $20.00 and then spent the trip home trying to figure out what % tip they gave him, realising it was 200,000%!

Insight: Discounts are so often used as last-ditch attempts to salvage a terrible experience that we sometimes forget how powerful they can be in turning a poor experience into a great one.

Restaurateur Danny Meyer, whose restaurants have consistently beaten the odds in a very rough industry, talks about hospitality in terms of good vs. great. With a ‘good’ experience things may go fine. You may get everything you wanted precisely the way you ordered it. But it’s rare for an employee to make you feel special, like they’re on your side. That’s what Bob did here by recognising that his customer’s weren’t having their expected experience and gave them a powerful dollop of Resolution delivered brilliantly.

Jack Threads & Jill

A customer service agent named Jill worked for an online clothes retailer called ‘Jack Threads’. Jill managed to turn a regular online customer service interaction into a ‘Remark-able’ customer experience and turned the customer into an advocate in the process.

Here is a screen grab of the experience in question

Jack Threads customer service conversation
Insight: Jack Threads empower their staff to resolve issues by making their own decisions. With this freedom Jill was able to resolve her customers issue quickly and hassle free. She was also able to create a personal connection with the customer which isn’t always easy to do, particularly online. Being able to do this is a proven way to create loyal customers who wouldn’t hesitate to sell on your businesses behalf. Adding an authentic personality is a great empowerment strategy and pays off in spades.


The aloha bear



It’s always nice to see ‘Remark-able’ experience recognised by a happy customer. In this heart-warming story, a service agent, ‘Jessica’, helped the query of an older customer, ‘Sharon’. Sharon called in because her laptop wasn’t working. Having recently suffered two strokes, Sharon explained that she was struggling with writing, and was forced to call in.

Jessica initially explained to Sharon that customers normally send in faulty items for inspection and repairs. Sharon grew teary over the news, explaining that she was dependent on the laptop to communicate with her daughter who lived miles away in Hawaii.

Knowing that red tape shouldn’t stop her from taking care of a customer in need, Jessica quickly exchanged the laptop for her (sending her a new one), and even spent the extra time helping her set up the old passwords and account names, in addition to re-downloading Skype so she could talk with her family.

What really makes this a great story, however, is the follow-up. Out of the blue a few months later, our heroic service agent was called down to reception. To her surprise, waiting there was Sharon, holding a card and a teddy bear with a hula skirt.

Jessica was overjoyed saying: “Sharon told me that what I did meant so much to her and her family that she called our corporate office and told them what I did. Her daughter even sent up a thank you card and bear from Hawaii and Sharon insisted on hand delivering it”.

Insight: The Empathy Pillar is measured by a business’s understanding of their customer’s needs. Delivering on this pillar is key to establishing strong relationships with your customers. In this case the Time & Effort pillar was also employed by removing unnecessary hurdles in doing business with the company.

We are always looking for examples of CX Excellence. If you have any yourself please send it on to us and we will feature it in our blog.

If you would like to explore how your company can activate CX excellence, e-mail Michael Killeen to discuss further.

CX Excellence – GAP, Jet Blue, Spirit Motors and McDonalds,

When your business offers world-class CX, customers come back for more. But more importantly, they tell others about you. They tell their family. They tell their friends. And – thanks to digital – they tell the world.

Below are real life examples of Customer Experience excellence, told by the customers themselves.

A shopping trip with an enormous ‘Wow’!

 Gap yoke

Susannah, a customer in Dundrum shopping centre recently went into a Gap store while on a mission to buy a winter coat. Here is her account of a remarkable experience she had.

“I’d looked in many shops and suddenly there it was, ‘the one’. It was perfect. I did have to consider it for a moment as the cost was slightly higher than I’d planned to pay, but it was ‘the one’. So off I went to the till to seal the deal.

The lady serving asked me “Did you receive your pick a prize card yet” and when I told her I had not, she fanned out lots of little cards and encouraged me to choose one.  I chose one, tore it open and it revealed a snowflake symbol, so I handed it back to the cashier. “Oh wow, you’ve won 50% off!” she told me very excitedly. BOOM! I couldn’t believe it. I was so surprised. There was no hidden twist, no requirement for me to give my data or a kidney in return. It was an unconditional gift to me from Gap, and it was a ‘remark-able’ Customer Experience. I was literally beaming as I walked out of the store.

I told anyone who would listen about my experience with Gap. That’s how powerful brilliant customer experience can be. Bravo Gap and thank you for my unexpected half price coat!”

Gap managed to address ‘Expectations’ in such a powerful way. We all have expectations of brands and a very common mistake brands make is over promising and under delivering e.g. the advertising promise not matching the customer experience, so naturally customer’s expectations are not met. Brands should focus their efforts on delivering ‘remark-able’ customer experiences before they tell us how great they are. I think Gap’s customer experience certainly matches their brand promise which you can view here.

Chief people officer prevents the blues with Jet Blue


Jet Blue Chief people office

This story was shared by the Consumerist blog. Below is a Jet Blue customer’s account of a brilliant resolution to an unavoidable issue.

“I got an e-mail from JetBlue saying I should get to the airport two hours early on my return flight because they are overhauling their computer system and staff will need time to adjust to the changes. I got to the airport (Orlando International) two hours early and stood in line. Predictably, it was moving slowly. It was made a little better by the rep handing out free water bottles to people in line. That was a nice touch. But then this happened…

A Jet Blue staff member came over and made an announcement to the people in line. He was giving away free tickets to anywhere JetBlue flies. The first free tickets would go to anyone who had their birthday on that day. Then he moved on to trivia – free tickets for anyone who knows JetBlue’s original destinations. I didn’t hear the answer, because at this point I made it through the line and was headed towards the gate, but I heard applause as I walked away. This was applause from people who had to get to the airport two hours early on a Sunday morning because of airline adjustments.

It turned out that the same JetBlue guy was on my flight to JFK. He stood up midway through the flight and announced that he had more free tickets to give away. He asked a bunch of standard trivia questions (“Name all seven dwarfs”) and some were pretty much guessing games (“How old would you guess your flight attendant Juan is?”). I’d say he gave out about a dozen free flights in total! He seemed to really enjoy it.

I spoke with him afterwards, as he walked down the aisle asking if people had any comments about JetBlue. I learned that his name is Dave Clark, and he’s JetBlue’s Chief People Officer.”

This is another example of why Jet Blue is a world leader in resolution. They plan out their customers’ journey from beginning to end and when something unavoidable like a system upgrade can potentially cause long delays, they make sure their customers are informed and there are measures in place to make up for the delays.

Spirit Motors; leading by example with heroic Resolution.

spirit motors

John, a customer of Spirit Motor Group, one of Ireland’s top auto brands, recently brought his car in for repair. Below he shares a great example of how a poor experience was turned into a ‘remark-able’ one.

“Last week I dropped my car off in Sandyford and returned later that day to find that the car hadn’t been touched. I sought an explanation and they sincerely apologised and we agreed that I would come back the following day, which I did.

When I arrived the next day I was told they had to order in a new part and it would arrive later that day. I again left the car with the service team and returned later that day. This time I was told that they were sent the wrong part and would have to return the following day once more. At this point I was fed up and took the car home to deal with the issue myself.”

For many businesses, an experience like this would be the end of a relationship. But Spirit didn’t let that happen. They recognised John as an important customer and not only resolved the issue, but actually turned him into a powerful advocate.

“The following day a serviceman took the Luas to my office in Dublin City Centre (with the elusive part in hand). He apologised on behalf of everybody in Spirit and told me the replacement would cost me nothing. He replaced the part in my office car park. I was blown away, and hugely relieved at not having to replace the part myself. This is how you resolve a problem brilliantly!”

Businesses should accept that they are going to make a mistake sometimes. Customers expect it from time to time as well. It’s what they do to resolve the issue that stays with the customer for ever. Great job Spirit Motors!


An incredible act of kindness from a McDonald’s cashier.

Palermo, Buenos Aires

This story was shared by Destiny Carreno, who observed something remarkable in her local McDonalds restaurant. This is her account of what happened after she watched an elderly man in a wheelchair approach a cashier during a busy hour.

“The man politely tried to ask the cashier something and it took him a few tries before he could understand what he was saying “Help me please”. The cashier didn’t seem to know what help he needed, and suggested a few things before he finally figured out the gentleman was asking for help eating his meal.

To be honest, I thought the cashier wasn’t going to help, especially during rush hour in downtown Chicago, but to my shock, he shut down his register and disappeared from view…

This wasn’t to get away from helping him, but to wash his hands and put gloves on! The cashier came out from the kitchen, wheeled the gentleman to a table, sat down opposite him, and began cutting the man’s meal.

This employee, who put everything on hold for this man, went above and beyond his responsibilities to help this customer in need. That was the kindest and most humble thing I had ever seen.”


We are always looking for real world examples of CX Excellence. If you have any yourself please send them on to us and we will feature it in our blog.

If you would like to explore how your company can activate CX excellence, e-mail Michael Killeen to discuss further.



CX Excellence – Jet Blue, Manchester United, Chick Fil-A, Teddies Ice-Cream and Disney Parks

Your weekly dose of CX Excellence

How to get passengers to greet a crying baby with a smile

JetBlue Flybaby

There can’t be many ways to convince someone that a crying baby on their flight can be a good thing, right? Well Jet blue may have found a way. 4 babies, plenty of angry glances, what to do? Make each baby a potential 25% off everyone’s next flight. So when the tears inevitably do come, instead of rolled eyes, they can be greeted with smiles and applause. This is a brilliant resolution to an unavoidable hindrance for passengers. And shows great empathy towards the dreading mothers, who are stresses about being in a small space surrounded by angry people. 

Find out more here

Making a dying fans final experience one of his best.


William Moore, a lifelong Manchester United fan was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. He made it his dying wish to see his team one last time in their upcoming FA Cup final. Manchester’s local newspaper featured him in one of their articles and within a couple of days his dream came true. One of United’s injured first team players; Luke Shaw read about this and jumped on the offer to get William to Wembley for the final.

It is very refreshing to see a superpower brand like Manchester United take interest in an individual fan like this. Even though they don’t have to, they are willing to exceed expectations to help out a fans request.

Find out more here


A new meaning to being ‘cooped up’

Phone Coop

Chick-Fil-A branch owner, Brad Williams was fed up, seeing friends and families alike come into his restaurant and, instead of making conversation, sit in silence glued to their phones.

He came up with an idea to put customer’s phones into a box, (‘Phone Coop’) on their table and if they go the entire meal without going for it, they all receive a free ice-cream. The idea was an instant hit. He found that groups who failed the challenge even returned just to see if they could actually do it.

Brad had no intention of  his idea spreading like it did, and didn’t invest a penny in publicising it. Yet, over 350 Chick-Fil-A restaurants have now taken on the ‘Phone Coop challenge’.  According to KPMG Nunwood’s ‘Customer Experience Excellence Center 2016 US analysis’, US leaders realise that every experience is the sum of several smaller experiences and it is the attention to detail within each micro experience that makes a competitive difference. Chick-Fil-A describes this as ‘second mile service’, the tiny things that add up to a great experience when you put them all together.

Find out more here


An ice act of kindness from Teddies

Teddy's ice cream

On one of the first sunny days of summer, Danielle Meagher walked up to the one and only Teddies Ice-Cream and asked for a 99 cone. She didn’t have the €2.50 though, and asked if the shopkeeper could just put it on her card. But instead of charging, he handed her a 99 with 2 flakes in it and said “it’s a pressie, because the first 99 of the summer season is the best!” The experience made her so happy that she had to share it on Facebook and the post received 1.5k likes! Such a nice way to kick off summer for their customer by exceeding Danielle’s expectations and giving her a reason to share her experience.

Find out more here

Deaf child gets a wonderful surprise when she visits Disney Parks 


The Mansfields, a family that consists of multiple Deaf family members, recently visited Disney Parks. Their youngest daughter, who doesn’t expect anyone she meets to know sign gets the nicest surprise when she realizes that Tinkerbell and Mini Mouse are able to.

“Walt Disney viewed his theme parks almost as ‘factories’ that produced delight and entertainment. His belief was that the backbone of quality service was built on designing perfect processes and then repeating them at scale. Disney Parks has seemingly held true to these beliefs with the close attention to detail in constantly improving processes. It’s safe to say that they always sweat the small stuff”. -KPMG Nunwood

Find out more here 

Disney Parks scored second in KPMG Nunwood’s USA 2016 CEE analysis. You can view the report here

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CX Excellence – British Airways, City Bin, Home Depot And Costco

Each day, businesses go out of their way to give their customers a great experience and Dialogue want to give recognition to those doing it brilliantly.

Turning a bad experience into a remarkable one

ba pilot
Stepping out of your comfort zone to resolve an issue can be a refreshing improvement on an otherwise poor experience for your customers. When a British Airways pilot actually addressed his passengers from outside the safety of his cockpit to inform them of a lengthy delay, there was a much warmer response than usual from those affected. This showed that he cared about his passengers and that he was willing to take responsibility for something out of his control.

Find out more here


How City Bin differentiate themselves in a crowded market

The City Bin Co. have become more than just a waste management company in recent years, with the stated mission of being,“the global service leader” in their industry and the stated purpose, “to provide excellent Customer Experiences.” City Bin have made it their mission to ‘wow’ their customers by going the extra mile. To drive its strong customer satisfaction and loyalty, City Bin have Introduced what they call “game changers,” by using customer insights to define and offer services that differentiate them in the market. And when you are in a market, crowded with clones of each other, the only thing that separates you from the others, is the experiences you give your customers.

Find out more here


Controversial game changer?

It may sound unsettling that brands could be listening in on your private conversations, but as technology advances and brands are able to utilize the information they are mining, companies like Home Depot in the USA won’t just be sending you an email about the products they know you want; they will actually be able to put what you are looking for on hold and have it delivered to you with your blessing. Embracing these changes can save consumers a huge amount of time and effort.

Find out more here


Don’t pull the wool over your customers eyes

When companies do something out of the ordinary to apologise it really stands out. If Costco sent you an apology for an issue you didn’t even know about how would you react? You would go out of your way to tell the people you know about how your expectation was blown out of the water. It’s acts like these that turn customers into your very own brand ambassadors.

Find out more here


The most important pillar for any business serious about CX

The Six Pillars - Personalisation icon
Personalisation is one of the most important pillars any business will need to master if they want to deliver CX excellence. The art of understanding the customer, and the ability to tailor your service around their needs, emotions and preferences, is the key to success. Our partners, KPMG Nunwood have given several examples of best in class personalisation from the UK, including banks and the current league leaders from the 2015 UK Table: ‘Lush’

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Six Short Examples Of CX Excellence


The Six CX Pillars are a must for any business who wish to take Customer Experience Seriously.

In this video, Michael Killeen speaks about the importance of all six CX pillars, along with a short example for each one.

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The New Six Pillar Approach To Marketing

Dialogue’s CX planning unit,, launched Ireland’s first Customer Experience (CX) league table to tremendous applause this week.

Ireland has had its say by ranking national brands across six emotional pillars that matter most to Irish Consumers; Personalisation, Integrity, Empathy, Time and Effort, Expectations and Resolution.

Dialogue reengineered its creative offering to help accelerate Client growth across these six pillars. Dialogue staff undertook a series of pillar training workshops to help raise Customer Experience excellence with strategic and tactical communication solutions.

Getting customers to sell on your companies behalf is the ultimate marketing goal. Unfortunately today’s consumers don’t trust marketing messages as they once used to. Dialogue helps clients rebalance their acquisition budgets in favour of retention efforts.  Not only do client’s customers stay longer but the retention work is fast becoming the most effective form of acquisition. By giving them amazing customer experiences across the six pillars they become an invisible sales force for your brand. Dialogue develops unique amplifiers to encourage delighted customers to share these experiences with friends and colleagues.

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