New Ad from Adobe asks, “Do you Know what your marketing is doing?”


The numbers continue to climb when it comes to companies and businesses dipping their toes into the sea of big data, but when it comes to actually interpreting that data, a large number of marketers feel they are in the dark. This is basically the key insight behind Adobe’s most recent ad promoting their Marketing Cloud services, as misinterpreting your customer data can be quite costly and often fatal to the future of certain businesses.

Adobe reports that a shocking 76% of marketers think marketing has changed more in the past two years than the past 50 and for most companies, digital marketing approaches are in a constant cycle of trial and error (“Digital Distress”).

With articles featured on Forbes, Ad Week, and an in-depth research study called “Digital Distress” published on Slideshare, it has become clear that the frustrations of collecting, understanding and especially measuring digital marketing efforts are felt by many.

The latest ad from Adobe, running at more than 60 seminars and events this week during Advertising Week, takes a comical spin on the misinterpretation of data and we witness how easy it can be for things to spiral out of control. Enjoy!


Meg Goodrich
Digital Account Executive



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