Direct Mail Marketing And Your Business


In today’s digital age, marketing is all about Facebooking, Tweeting and Emailing up a storm to engage customers, right? Sending direct mail (the kind that lands on the doormat), must be dead in the water, right?

Actually, the value of bringing great propositions straight to your customers, using direct mail continues to deliver strong results to many businesses. For a relatively low cost, direct mail can reach a large number of people, getting your message directly into the hands of the right audience. It can help build brand awareness and lead consumers to take action.

According to an An Post report, 72% of businesses that significantly increased their revenues in 2013 used direct mail as a marketing tool. And for many of our clients, this ‘traditional’ marketing method comes up trumps, time and time again. Here are a few reasons why:


1.  Targeting.

Using direct mail gives you the opportunity to communicate to a very specific target audience. You decide exactly who gets your message and who doesn’t. With the help of a solid mailing list, you can control how wide you’d like to cast your net.


2.  Personalization.

Getting personal beats generic pitches. Every time. And we’re not just talking about starting with ‘Dear Sally’. With the right information about your target group, you can create beautifully crafted pieces that tap into the insights you have–delivering the right message, at the right time.


3.  Tracking.

Direct mail marketing has another big plus. It’s easy to measure its effectiveness since every lead or order can be tracked back using source codes or other techniques. So you’ll find out pretty quick how your campaigns are doing.


4.  Testing.

The results of your direct marketing campaign can be measured easily. So you can use this medium to play around and test different approaches–and figure out which one works best.


5.  Thinking outside the box.

Direct mail doesn’t have to be boring. Creating clever innovative designs and combining them with compelling copy will make sure your message doesn’t end up in the bin. There are so many formats to choose from, and ways to make your message impactful when it comes through the door.


Find out more how we can make direct mail work for your business. Pop your details in below, and we’ll call you back.

Grace Hughes

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