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Happy Wednesday, all! Pop on that kettle, put your feet up and check out the top stories from the week so far; here is your Mid-week Mash-up…


O Captain, My Captain; The World Bids A Fond Farewell To A Comic Genius

After news that Robin Williams, 63, had passed away, social media sites were flooded with touching tributes that honoured the life of a man who devoted a majority of his life to making us laugh. Millions of tweets have been shared as the world continues to mourn his loss. Below we have shared one of Williams’ final productions, Apple’s ‘Your Verse’, an ad featuring the memorable monologue from ‘Dead Poets Society’, as well as the 2 most recent ‘Your Verse’ spots. Rest in peace, Robin. You are so loved and so missed.



Toyota’s New Stunt Turns The Streets of Prague Into An Impromtu Karaoke Stage

Prague locals sing along to pop classics in Toyota’s latest stunt titled ‘The Playlist’. The spot features the Toyota Yaris cruising through the streets as the stereo system, connected to GPS, triggers a different song based on which direction they decide to drive. Have a watch…



‘Rewind The Future’ To Stop Obesity

A new ad from ‘Strong 4 Life’, an initiative focused on the growing epidemic of obesity amongst children, shows the dangerous outcome of feeding children unhealthy foods at a young age, and how negatively it can affect our lives by they time we are adults.



Canadian Cancer Society Invites You To Save A Life By Facing Your Fears

A clever campaing introduces the idea of facing your fears, and raising money for cancer at the same time. Whether it’s heights, spiders or sharks, all you need to do is film a video of yourself describing your fear, how much money it will take for you to face it and eventually a video of you actually facing what scares you the most. What are you afraid of?



Couple Uses #ShareACoke Campaign To Announce Pregnancy

And finally, we share this cute video from Patrick and Whitney McGillicuddy, who share their big news by using personalised Coke bottles to announce their pregnancy. Congrats!



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