Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

bret michaels

Good morning, Dublin! We are already halfway through our week (thanks for that extra push, bank holiday), and ready to catch up on the top stories that have caught our eye so far. Here is your mid-week mash-up…


Bret Michaels Professes His Endless Love To Nissan

Cheesy 80s-style music video featuring Bret Michaels, flaming guitars and a sexy Nissan testing facility? What more could you want in an ad? Have a watch…



Puppy Love Is In The Air, Thanks To These Interns

The interns from agency BBH and local New York animal shelter ‘Social Tees Animal Rescue’, struck gold with an idea that uses the popular dating app, Tinder, to match people up with abandoned dogs, rather than a date. With the 10 dogs posted, they received more than 2700 matches in less than a week! It must be love…



Kimberly Clarke Wants You To Drop Your Pants For ‘Underwareness’

A new campaign for its Depend brand urges people to “drop their pants” as a way to raise awareness for the often-taboo subject of bladder control. The campaign aims to use social media as a tool for people to keep the conversation going throughout the duration of the campaign.



BMW’s Graceful ‘Drift Mob’ Ad Reinvents The Flash Mob

We cannot help but feel absolutely mesmerised by the sychronised skids and squeals from BMW’s latest ad, ‘Epic Drift Mob’. Wonder if Bret Michaels’ Nissan van can keep up…



TD Canada Bank Gives Back To Their Customers In This Emotional Promotion

This emotional video highlighting a Canadian bank’s touching customer appreciation stunt will have you reaching for the tissues…don’t say we didn’t warn you!



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