Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up


Happy Wednesday!  If this dreary morning has you feeling a bit sleepy, why not grab a cup of coffee, and take a few minutes to reflect on the stories that have caught our eye so far this week. Here is Dialogue’s latest mid-week mash-up!


IKEA’S Dream Sequence Of Beds Reminds Us ‘There’s No Bed Like Home’

We won’t lie…this latest installment from IKEA’s ‘Wonderful Everyday’ campaign has us longing for our own beds at the moment. This beautifully shot ad relied on the use of ‘practical effects’ carried out by a skilled skydiver and beds suspended high in the sky with craines, adding even more intrigue to this whimsy ad.




The Stats Are In For The World Cup Showdown Between Facebook And Twitter

Germany may have been crowned champions of the 2014 World Cup, but when it comes to deciphering the data from the most socially talked about sporting event in history, Facebook takes top prize. A total of 3 billion Facebook interactions (likes, comments, posts and shares) from over 350 million users was compared to Twitter’s 672 million tweets revealing that Facebook was by far, the winner of the social media World Cup showdown. Farewell, World Cup, see you again in 4 years.




Weird Al Gives Us A Lesson In Grammer

Will this song ever die?  Doesn’t seem likely as Weird Al unleashes his latest parody ‘Word Crimes'; an ode to cringe-worthy spelling mistakes that have urked the hell out of many of us (supposably)…



Brands Go Digital In Extended Sponsorships With Music Festivals

A number of brands are pushing their sponsorships with music festivals this summer a bit further by offering festival-goers a deeper experience by use of branded arcades, VIP lounges and interactive wristbands.





A Delicious Chocolate ‘Thank You’

Design student from Michigan, Matthew Hirsch, was asked to create a thank-you card that could be sent to the various Creative Directors who had visited his class throughout the semester. Deciding to take the project a step further, he used a play on words to create a branded choloate bar that cleverly used the packaging to detail his skills to potential employers.






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