Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-UP

Nike betterforit

Another week of the latest stories featured in our  mash-up, once again. Pop on that kettle, kick up your feet and have a quick look at a few of the top stories from the past week–it’s mid-week mash-up time, again!


Nike Launches Largest Ever Women’s Initiative #BetterForIt

The latest spot from Nike features the honest thoughts that often enter the mind of any woman who has ever doubted her capabilities or compared herself to those around her during a gruelling workout (if I’m not mistaken, that’s nearly ALL of us ladies, right?).  The latest campaign from Nike, #BetterForIt, supports and motivates the athletic journeys of women across the globe and features short films that help motivate us all to keep up the hard work. Have a look…



Twitter Begins Testing New Search Layout

It was recently announced that Twitter is in the process of testing a revamped version of their search feature. While not available to everyone yet at this stage, the new features allow for top tweets, users, photos and videos to be featured under the search option. There is no word, as of yet, on a wider release of the redesign, but stay tuned for this new update on your Twitter page.


twitter search


Hyundai Connects Father and Daughter With Latest Stunt Seen From Space

When typical communications between a daughter and her astronaut father aren’t a possibility, leave it up to the innovation of Hyundai to cleverly stage a stunt that leaves us smiling (and utterly in awe!). Have a look…



Old Spice Targets Gamers In Latest Nature Adventure Campaign

His actions are at your command! Targeting the gaming community (which no doubt overlaps with their key target audience), Old Spice is teaming up with social platform Twitch ( a live social video platform for gamers) in a campaign titled ‘Nature Man’. The chosen Nature Man will be dropped in a forest for 3 days, leaving his actions and activities up to participating gamers to decide. Curious to find out how he does? Tune in here to track his progress beginning April 16th…



Touching Social Experiment Makes A Painful Point In Bullying

Not sure about anyone else, but the video recording of a social experiment that took place in Lithuania left such an impression on us, it was impossible not to share this. Proving that it doesn’t necessarily take the intended recipient of bullying and hate speech to feel affected (and in this case inflicted), this powerful experiment involves unsuspecting people to translate a message that leaves several of them unwilling to do so, as the message is too hurtful to relay. Faith in humanity has been restored.



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