Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

Libero ad

Don’t let the sideways rain from yesterday fool you–spring has officially SPRUNG! Take a few minutes to catch up on a few of the latest stories from this week, it’s time for your mid-week mash-up!


Ad For Spanish Football Magazine States, ‘If He Can Play,  He Can Dance’

This fun ad from Spanish football magazine, Libero, humorously points out that any man who can play football, can also dance–despite what he might say. Explain it in terms that a man can understand…very well played.




3-D Jameson Ads on Instagram Are Pure Gold

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day last week, Jameson launched the #LongLiveTheShot campaign that coupled 3D ads on Instagram with proximity-marketing technology used to target people outside of specific bars and neighborhoods within New York City. In addition to the new ads and specific messaging, fans were also invited to share their St. Patrick’s Day experiences through the lens of a shot glass filled with Jameson whiskey. This collective celebration of St. Patrick’s Day that highlighted local neighborhoods can be seen on Instagram by searching #ShotsEyeView and/or #LongLiveTheShot.



 Ikea Reminds Us To Always Believe In Your Shelf

These latest ‘Shelf-Help’ ads from Ikea not only help you with your junk–they can also serve as a form of marriage counseling! Begin your journey to ‘shelf discovery’ by watching the ad below…




Audi’s Latest Billboards Are Made Of Water Vapor, Highlighting Zero Emissions Cars

The advertising for the new Audi A7 Sportback h-tron is seriously as cool as the features of the car itself! Using a fuel cell coupled with a hybrid battery, nothing escapes the exhaust pipe except water zapor. As a way to emphasize the zero-emissions capabilities, German agency Thjnk created these cool outdoor billboards, also made of vapor. Check them out below…



OK Go Is Back With Another Video That Will Leave You Amazed–Only This Time It’s An Ad For A Chinese Furniture Store

The latest video from OK Go is back and truly doesn’t disappoint! Full of amazing optical illusions, you will probably want to watch it twice! We’ve included another recent video and the infamous treadmill video that took the Internet by storm back in 2009. Enjoy!












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