Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

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Hope everyone is enjoying the unusual bright and sunny day outside! Why not pop on the kettle, kick up your feet and settle into a few of the the week’s top stories, it’s time, once again, for your mid-week mash-up!


Skoda Steals The Show In This Clever New Spot

This latest spot for Skoda’s Fabia proves the car is something worth staring at. No, seriously, have a look below…



Brands Join #TheDress Debate With Fun And Clever Tweets


Unless you have been living under a rock the past week, it’s quite possible you’ve come across the great debate regarding the colour of a dress that has taken the Internet by storm. We all know things cannot go viral without brands taking the opportunity to weigh-in on the fun. And that is exactly what the likes of Lego, Behr Paint, Oreo, Snapple, AT&T, Snickers, Guinness, Ikea, Skittles and Dominos have done in funny and clever tweets regarding the infamous dress.


 Jose Cuervo Launches

In honour of National Margarita Day (which just passed on February 22nd), Jose Cuervo launched a canister holding the contents of a margarita into space, only to have it parachute back down to the ground in an icy (shaken not stirred), delicious cocktail. Have a look…




Rebecca Minkoff’s New Boutique Will Change The Way You Shop

Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with Ebay to create a shopping experience like no other. Using new technology developed by Ebay, visitors to her NYC boutique can take part in a unique experience they won’t soon forget–and neither will she, as valuable data is collected throughout your shopping journey, giving Minkoff detailed insights into the shopping behaviours of her fans. Take a look…



New PSA Reminds Us That ‘Love Has No Labels’ 

Filmed on Valentine’s Day, this PSA from lovehasnolabels.com is surely guaranteed to leave you smiling and is a lovely reminder that before anything else, we are all human. Have a watch…


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