Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up


It might be another cold and dreary day outside, but we have collected a few of the top stories from the past week to warm you up! Grab your hot drink of choice, kick up those feet, it’s time, once again, for your mid-week mash-up!


Love Is In The Air In Latest Interflora Ad

With Valentine’s Day coming up on Saturday, we thought we might kick off our first story with a love-themed ad. Don’t hate us. It’s just a simple story of Goth Guy meets Preppy Princess in this latest ad from flower delivery service Interflora. Have a look…



New Possible Facebook Ad Format Is Downright Hypnotic

Cinemagraphs, the digital world’s version of a beautifully crafted print ad, are looking to be the advertising format of choice for both Facebook and Instagram ads. These GIF-style images combine isolated movements to photographs and the overall effect is oddly hypnotic. Have a look at a few below, and try not to stare…



Gap’s Instagram Video Series Offers Bite-Sized Content To Busy Consumers

Gap_01-964x644American-based clothing retailer ‘The Gap’ has released a series of 15 second videos on Instagram as a clever way to promote the spring season’s top trends and feature the clothing brought to life throughout each different episode. The introduction of these bite-sized bits of micro-content cater to the time-restrained consumers by offering them a way to interact with online campaigns and brand promotions in a clever and timely fashion (no pun intended).



McDonald’s Sunrise Billboard Uses Real-Time Data To Light Up The Morning

McDonaldsCanada_McMuffinSunrise20150205174926This latest Canadian-based outdoor billboard features the rising of McDonalds’ famous Egg McMuffin in time with the sun. Using real-time data, a spokesperson from Cossette,  the integrated marketing communications agency behind the idea, stated, “The digital board was synced to sunrise times over the course of the buy, with each frame lined up as best as we could get it.”


Hiking Boot Brand Creates Scary Hike Experience Using Oculus Rift

Hiking boot brand, Merrell, thrills consumers with an activation experience that was featured at the Sundance Film Festival last month by creating the Merrell TrailScape–an exhilarating virtual reality event using Oculus Rift, providing potential hikers with the heart thumping experience that they are scooting along a crumbling mountain ledge and carefully crossing a teetering wooden bridge high up in the mountains. The event highlighted the release of Merrell’s most advanced boot to date, the Capra. Not sure about you, but our boots are shaking at the thought!



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