Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up


Another cold one out there again, but we’ve got you covered here with a few of the latest stories to warm up to! Pop on that kettle, kick up those feet and check out a few of the latest stories that have caught our eye so far this week, it’s time for your Mid-week Mash-up!


Similac Reminds Parents That In The End, We Are All The Same

A playground showdown of every mommy stereotype reminds us that perhaps we aren’t so different, after all. Whether you’re a milk-pumping-during-a-conference-call-career-mom or a drug-free-pool-birth-dolphin-assisted-stay-at-home mom (wait, what?!?) Similac reminds us that whatever the parenting belief may be, we are all still parents. Check it out…



Volvo Urges Fans To Tweet During Super Bowl Ads of Competitors’

Who would you give a Volvo to? Volvo might not be airing an ad during this weekend’s Super Bowl, but that doesn’t mean that they are about to miss out on the action! In their latest spot, ‘The Greatest Interception Ever’, Volvo are shifting the attention away from the advertising by highlighting the individuals who inspire us most. Take a look at the video below for more details…



Nike Puts Your Data To Work And Sends Personalised Videos To Users

Over 100,000 Nike+ members received personalised one-minute films created by data that was gathered from their workout activity throughout 2014. These personalised films, each consisting of different content from member to member, aims to inspire Nike members to ‘Outdo You’ in 2015, and are the first of a series of initiatives from Nike, who want to use the personalised data to inspire and motivate each member to reach new fitness goals. Take a look…



Giant Polar Bear On The Srteets of London Promotes Sky’s New Crime Drama Fortitude

It’s not everyday that people happen to see a polar bear walking down the streets–especially the streets of London! Well, turns out the bear was actually operated by puppeteers and was the focus of a publicity stunt to promote Sky’s newest crime drama, Fortitude. Real or not, we still loved it!



Bud Light’s Latest Installment of ‘Up For Whatever’ Is Pure Genius

Calling all PacMan lovers! Offered a free beer in exchange for ‘whatever’ happens, we are invited on a young man’s adventure that throws him into the mix of a vintage video game. Can we play next?



Check back next week as we have a look into this weekend’s top Super Bowl ads! Have a great week!







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