Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up


Hello and welcome back to another week of Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up. We’ve collected a few of the week’s top stories and shared them with you below. Pop on that kettle, kick your feet up and settle into our latest post, it’s time once again for your Mid-Week Mash-Up!


Adidas Celebrates The Haters

Haters gonna hate. That’s the premise behind the new Adidas ad featuring several of football’s biggest (and apparently most hated) players. Take a look…



Shakira And Facebook Unite With Unicef For Global Baby Shower

Another example of people using social media for good use! In partnersshakirahip with UNICEF, Shakira and footballer hubby, Gerard Piqué, launched their second ‘World Baby Shower’ via Facebook on Monday. The cause urges people to donate funds and supplies to benefit children in need around the world. Such ‘gifts’ include polio vaccines, blankets, water for entire families in emergency situations and therapeutic meals for children with malnutrition  “There are millions of kids in the world who die daily from preventable causes, and with your help we want to change this permanently,” she wrote in the Facebook post. “Every baby deserves to have the best possible start and because we all can and should help.” Donations can be made at worldbabyshower.org


‘This Girl Can’ Campaign Celebrates the Wiggles and Jiggles of Working Out

Proving it doesn’t take a fit person to work ones butt off (and look good doing so!), the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign is urging women across the UK to jump into the fitness craze and focus on feeling good. Funded by Sport England, a British government department that was previously known as the English Sports Council, a research project was run to get down to the core reason why roughly 2 million fewer women than men aged 14-40 regularly participate in sports. As it turns out, body image issues are, once again, to blame. Additional videos and stories are displayed on their website, offering support and inspiration to women across the world. Have a watch…



The World’s First Self-Destructing Book Comes With A 24 Hour Countdown Clock

Feeling the need to compete in today’s digitally-driven world, acclaimed author James Patterson has released his latest book–only catch is that it will self-destruct after 24 hours! During a 5 day span, 1000 fans will have just 24 hours to read an advance digital version of “Private Vegas” until the book “self-destructs in a spectacular fashion”. Partnering with agency Mother, Patterson states, “Publishing, in my opinion, needs to get out there competing with everything else in the world—movies, television, etc. etc.” and so this revolutionary reading experience was created to give readers a thrilling reading experience (allowing readers to keep track of their own time and ‘steal time’ from other readers) with the countdown clock at the top of the screen ticking away once the first page is swiped. Check out more details below…



Dove Urges Girls To Love Their Curls

Dove addresses the body image issue of young girls embracing their curly hair in their latest ad, proving, once again, that the way we see ourselves is often mimicked in the impressionable minds of young girls. This is a great reminder of how important the messages we give to young girls can play such a large role in their own self-image. Have a look…





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