Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

Flocks of shirts

Hello! Hope everyone is managing to keep warm in this cold weather! Tighten up your scarf, grab a hot cup of tea and settle into some of the top stories that caught our eye over the past week–it’s time for your mid-week mash-up!


Shirts Take Flight In IKEA’s Latest Whimsical Ad

Glorious flocks of t-shirts making their way home. The latest ad from IKEA’s ‘Wonderful Everyday’ campaign shows us the ‘joys of storage’ as we witness these shirts making their way across mountains, seas and fields as they find their way back to their respective wardrobes, drawers and shelves. Enjoy!



Social Media and Mobile Advertising Continue to Make It Big In 2015

A report from Salesforce has revealed that an estimated 70%twitter-instagram-facebook-logos-hed-2015 of marketers plan to increase ad spend on social media for 2015, with mobile advertising and content also expecting an increase in spend, as well. The 47-page ‘State of Marketing 2015′ report also reveals a growing shift from traditional advertising spend to digital and increases in mobile data tracking and branded mobile apps.


Anti-Bullying Ad Hits It Home With Messages Left To Those Who Took Their Own Lives

This ad from ‘Champions Against Bullying’, an anti-bullying organisation, hopes to shed light on the growing epidemic of bullying by sharing messages (via social media) left to those who decided to end their lives after being bullied. Titled ‘Too Late’, the ad is an important reminder that bullying continues to have such a strong affect on teens worldwide and needs to come to an end. Now.  Have a look…



McDonald’s ‘Signs’ Ad Sparks Mixed Reviews Online

This latest McDonalds’ ad aired in the US is receiving mixed reviews from people across the Internet. Titled, ‘Signs’, the ad features a number of positive messages supporting local and global events that aim to uplift and inspire. Viewers are also invited to visit a separate Tumblr account to explore the stories behind each message. What is your take on the campaign?



Choose Your Own Adventure Books Turned Into Interactive Twitter Game

Do you choose to run or hidChoose your adventure Twittere? Expanding on the once-popular books that allowed readers to choose plot directions based on their preferences, a new interactive version of this concept from Terence Eden has hit Twitter. Created by linking a number of separate Twitter accounts, you can choose the direction the story takes by opting to run or hide, fight or flee, and so on. Start your adventure here and see where your choices will take you!













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