Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up


Here we are again, Wednesday! Halfway through the week and we’ve nearly got that ‘Friday feeling’ on account of this gorgeous weather! Well, pop on that kettle, kick up your feet and enjoy a few stories that caught our eye so far this week…it’s time for your mid-week mash-up.


Redefining ‘Like A Girl’

We’re not going to lie–this new spot from P&G’s Always stopped us dead in our tracks as young girls remind us that to run, fight, and throw #LikeAGirl is no laughing matter. Have a look and decide for yourself…



A Waffle Attempt

Belgium vs. USA…and cue the waffle jokes (despite the fact that Belgian waffles aren’t actually associated with Belgium, but hey…). Brands took to Twitter to share every waffle pun they could think of, hoping to score it big ‘Oreo Style’. Sorry guys, nothing came close…


we believe usa


Audi’s Giant World Cup Scoreboard Lights Up Brooklyn

Standing over 40 feet tall and powered by headlights, the giant-sized World Cup scoreboard built of Audi cars is guerilla marketing at it’s finest. Well done, Audi. We love this!



Photo App That Focuses On The Stories Behind The Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…and they’re right. This new app encourages you to share the stories behind the photos. Have a look…



What’s On Your Mind? The Reality Behind Facebook Status Updates

I suppose we’re all guilty of it, right? The slight embellisment behind the status update. Having the time of our lives when we really aren’t. The short film ‘What’s on your mind?’ highlights the idea that has been nagging many if us for years…how much of what we read on social media sites is actually true?












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