Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

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Another week has come and gone and it’s time, once again, to catch up on a few of the top stories that caught our eye. Pop on that kettle, kick up your feet and settle into a few of the latest stories–here is your latest mashup.


Freeview Mixes 80s Power Ballad With Misfit Toys In New Ad

Following on from their recent ads featuring singing Cat and Budgie, Freeview is back with an amusingly sad ad featuring a table full of loved-and-left toys that make you feel really sorry for them. Like, really sorry…



Instagram’s First Beer Ads From Stella Artois Have Arrived

Millennial foodie-loving beer-drinkers, beware! Stella Artois has begun their Instagram ad rollout and they are targeting YOU. Don’t say we didn’t warn you–these ads look delicious!







Sol Searching For Pubs

On a hunt for the next hotspot? Leave the Google-ing to the amateurs and tap into the new Sol Search that ranks the results based on authenticity rather than popularity or payment (ahem, Yelp). Sol, which champions Espiritu Libre (Free Spirit), steps up to the challenge of finding authentic destinations with a bespoke search algorithm that promote hidden gems within your community.




7up Fully Knitted

Having undergone a recent brand identity revamp fueled by a global campaign that centers around the idea that ‘It feels good to be you’, 7up is having a blast highlighting the individuals that celebrate their uniqueness. Have a watch of ‘Urban Knitter’ Magda Sayeg’s story below…



Pizza Hut’s Mind-Reading Menu

Pizza Hut is currently experimenting in the UK with a new ‘Subconscious Menu’ app idea that chooses pizza toppings for you based on eye-tracking technology. Combining the eye-tracking technology (that works by selecting toppings based on the ingredients where your eyes tend to linger the longest) with an algorithm based on your choices, specific recommendations are given that eerily match your cravings.


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