Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up


Anyone else REALLY feeling the sudden cold change in the air? Perfect excuse to grab your favourite hot beverage and settle into a few of the top stories from the past week–here is your mid-week mash-up!


Honda Gives Us A Double-Sided Story In New Interactive Ad

Ever feel like you’re living a double life? This latest ad from Honda will make you wish you were! Check out the teaser ad below and visit www.hondatheotherside.com to view the specially designed YouTube page to switch back and forth between the parallel ads by pressing on the R key. Enjoy!



‘Call Of Duty’ Calls on Instagram

New campaign from the Call of Duty brand called ‘Mission Zero’ scores big with fans in their recent collaboration with Instagram for a reality-based gaming experience that targets the newsfeed of its Instagram-loving players. Take a look at the trailer below…



Netflix Gives Good GIF

Latest outdoor campagin from Netflix is all about the GIFs. To promote the recent launch of Netflix in France, roughly 100 different GIFs that feature a multitude of popular TV shows and films offered by the streaming service, are featured in this unique campaign. What makes this campaign even cooler is the fact that many of the GIFs are reactive to current events (like sports and weather)…take a look at the case study below…



‘Penny For London’ Cashes In On Micro Donations

Donating money in small doses (like, really small doses) makes it effortless to contribute to a charity of your choice by means of contactless payments. Could this be the next wave of donating to charities? Have a watch below to find out.



Pepsi Max Clowns Around In Latest Halloween Prank

We know Halloween has come and gone, but we just couldn’t help but throw this last Halloween prank in the mix because it is truly awesome. And it contains clowns. You’re welcome.



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