Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up


It’s a blustery day out there, friends–perfect excuse to grab a hot coffee and spend a few minutes looking over the stories that have caught our eye over the past week. Here is your mid-week mash-up…


Brands Cleverly Join The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Anyone who hasn’t been officially nominated to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, don’t worry–your time will come! Meanwhile, have a look at a few of our favorite videos from brands who cleverly took on the challenge themselves, taking part in the most successful viral charity drive in history.





Instagram Introduces New Hyperlapse App

‘Hyperlapse From Instagram’, a new time-lapse app from Instagram was recently launched for iPhone. The app features unique stabilization technology, turning handheld time lapse recordings into smooth finish videos, with a professional, cinamatic style. Have a look…



99 Bottles Of Beer In Your Fridge?

82 pounds of craft beer, anyone? Austin Beerworks, brewers of the ‘Peacemaker Anytime Ale’, a beer so good you will want to have several on hand at all times, introduce the world to their 99 pack of beer. Yes, you read that correctly, 99 cans of beer boxed up just for you. How has nobody thought of this before?



Quiet, Please…Heineken’s US Open Stunt Quiets New Yorkers

Silencing a crowd to win free tickets to the US Open? Sounds easy, right? Think again. Heineken and Wieden + Kennedy, team up to quiet a crowd (as tennis chair umpires do) for the chance to win tickets to the US Open, in this fun stunt. Only catch, you must keep a crowd of people in New York’s Union Square quiet long enough to win.



Deadline The Movie

Deadlines. Don’t turn around, they’re right behind you. Greek agency, Admine, created this chilling movie trailer featuring the dreaded creature that we know and loathe–the deadline. Enjoy…





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