Customer Experience. What’s it all about?

Customer Experience

There’s been a major shift in marketing. Consumers are in control and they don’t trust brands as they used to.

A study by Forrester revealed that just 8% of customers reported feeling GREAT about their experience despite the fact that 80% of businesses state they offer a GREAT customer experience (CX). And in the recent 2015 CX report, the greatest fault between Irish marketers and our colleagues in the USA and UK was the expectation gap. It seems Irish marketing and operations are not on the same wave length. Marketing has come out of recession thinking whilst operations seem to be stuck in cost saving mode.

Brands that excel in this area research their customers’ expectations so that they can systematically reset and exceed them. Consumers find out for themselves just how good you really are. They ask their peers and depending on the experiences they’ve had, the decision is quickly made.  You can talk the talk, but you have to walk the talk too.

You can spend money on traditional comms such as TV and digital, communicating your brand promise, but this is completely wasted unless you deliver on it. Customer Experience has become the new acquisition tool.  By giving all customers an amazing experience, they will sell on your behalf.  You will not only retain these customers, but they will do the selling for you and generate new ones. Imagine the power of having 1000’s of volunteer sales reps out there promoting your excellence?

And, for an even greater impact, amplification opportunities should be stitched in to customer experiences. This gives them an actual tool to go and sell on your behalf with.

Dialogue Marketing is the only Customer Experience Agency in Europe.  Contact us today to see how we can help you to deliver remarkable customer experiences that will increase your bottom line.


 Image source -With thanks to David Knapp-Fisher

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