Should Marketing Lead The Delivery of Customer Experience?

Customer Experience is the best way to create competitive advantage. Interestingly, only one-third of business executives polled by the recent Economist Intelligence Unit say that marketing is responsible for managing the customer experience today. However, over the next five years, 75% suggest marketing will take full responsibility.


A positive customer experience is increasingly seen as a company’s most valuable asset. And, more than any other function, marketing would have been responsible for managing it across the customer life cycle, across channels from initial awareness through loyalty and advocacy and win back.

The best customer experience companies in the world emphasize the need for everyone in the organisation to play a role in customer experience delivery. Moreover, as responsibility for the customer experience looks as it’s shifting to marketing, it seems to be moving away from customer support and sales. The old distinction between sales and marketing (sales owns the relationship & marketing owns the message) has become less distinct. As consumers gain power and become less reliant on sales, the marketing function is increasingly orchestrating these relationships.

Dialogue believes that Marketing shouldn’t have sole accountability for customer experience delivery. CX involves the full enterprise. Marketing can take a central role but it doesn’t have to lead. What’s more important is that a framework is developed early across the customer emotional needs rather than company structures. This framework should allow companies to explore what the world’s best companies in other sectors do to deliver amazing customer experiences. Once the framework is in place you can then decide who is best to lead it.


Michael Killeen



Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-UP

Another week of the latest stories featured in our  mash-up, once again. Pop on that kettle, kick up your feet and have a quick look at a few of the top stories from the past week–it’s mid-week mash-up time, again!


Nike Launches Largest Ever Women’s Initiative #BetterForIt

The latest spot from Nike features the honest thoughts that often enter the mind of any woman who has ever doubted her capabilities or compared herself to those around her during a gruelling workout (if I’m not mistaken, that’s nearly ALL of us ladies, right?).  The latest campaign from Nike, #BetterForIt, supports and motivates the athletic journeys of women across the globe and features short films that help motivate us all to keep up the hard work. Have a look…



Twitter Begins Testing New Search Layout

It was recently announced that Twitter is in the process of testing a revamped version of their search feature. While not available to everyone yet at this stage, the new features allow for top tweets, users, photos and videos to be featured under the search option. There is no word, as of yet, on a wider release of the redesign, but stay tuned for this new update on your Twitter page.


twitter search


Hyundai Connects Father and Daughter With Latest Stunt Seen From Space

When typical communications between a daughter and her astronaut father aren’t a possibility, leave it up to the innovation of Hyundai to cleverly stage a stunt that leaves us smiling (and utterly in awe!). Have a look…



Old Spice Targets Gamers In Latest Nature Adventure Campaign

His actions are at your command! Targeting the gaming community (which no doubt overlaps with their key target audience), Old Spice is teaming up with social platform Twitch ( a live social video platform for gamers) in a campaign titled ‘Nature Man’. The chosen Nature Man will be dropped in a forest for 3 days, leaving his actions and activities up to participating gamers to decide. Curious to find out how he does? Tune in here to track his progress beginning April 16th…



Touching Social Experiment Makes A Painful Point In Bullying

Not sure about anyone else, but the video recording of a social experiment that took place in Lithuania left such an impression on us, it was impossible not to share this. Proving that it doesn’t necessarily take the intended recipient of bullying and hate speech to feel affected (and in this case inflicted), this powerful experiment involves unsuspecting people to translate a message that leaves several of them unwilling to do so, as the message is too hurtful to relay. Faith in humanity has been restored.



Customer Experience in the Ascendancy

Customer Experience (CEX) is increasingly taking centre stage in Ireland as more companies realise that it is crucial for survival with rising customer expectations. While it is the best way for Irish brands to differentiate themselves, businesses are not clear on who owns the CEX brief internally. The London School of Economics reported that while  an amazing experience will be referred up to four times, a poor experience reaches up to 40 people. And all agree that when done brilliantly, it increases customer referrals amongst their tight group of friends, colleagues and family members.

Adobe launched a 2015 Digital Trends Report  trends report that supports the need for businesses to drive a CEX friendly culture (link here). The report supports the argument that CEX is the standout imperative for 2015, based on inputs from 6,000 global professionals. Strategy and culture are widely identified as the most important building blocks for successful integration of customer experience in any organisation.

It can be a complex process to deliver epic experiences that will impact positively on the bottom line. This is why, Ireland’s first customer experience initiative, was launched in Dublin last month. has partnered with international practitioners to deliver a unique tried-and-tested framework to help companies gain absolute control over the CEX challenge. It also allows Irish companies to benchmark their performance against world class brands in global markets and identify how to speed up their delivery with the most effective strategies.

Michael Killeen


Dialogue Growing Irish Businesses With Epic Customer Experiences

A business’s most effective acquisition approach will be driven by your happiest customers selling on your behalf. Sparking this amplification requires a consistent and amazing Customer Experience which customers gladly share with friends, family and colleagues.

Customer Experience management is misunderstood in Ireland and requires greater clarity. Dialogue define amazing Customer Experiences as giving customers ‘what, when and how they want it without having to ask for it’.  And finally, we now have a framework that any Irish Business can operate to deliver world-class CEX. We believe a company’s greatest asset is a thrilled customer.  Leveraged appropriately (reading your customers minds), customers will become your best acquisition sales personnel.

Dialogue is a founding partner of, which is part of an international group of leading Customer Experience practitioners including Nunwood, Stir and Amárach.  CEXi is Ireland’s first CEX subscription service, offering clients detailed research findings behind the annual ‘’Top 100 Customer Experience Brands In Ireland ‘’ survey. Other benefits include global comparisons against best practice and a workshop to discover how the findings can be accelerated within your own firm. Cexi is also delivering a national consumer conference  with opinionated Irish consumers taking the stage and talking to member clients, rather than the other way around.

Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

Is anyone else basking in the glory of the long weekend ahead? Yes, we thought so! Well, before you head off for your holiday plans, take a look at some of the latest stories from the past week. It’s time, once again, for your midweek mashup!


OPI Launches New Campaign That Speaks The Language of Colour 

This latest campaign around the launch of mobile app OPI ColorChat is truly a thing of beauty. Featuring bright, eye-catching ads that are written in the ‘language of colour’ (and can handily be decoded using the newly-launched mobile app), we are encouraged to show our true colours, whatever they may be. Have a look at the campaign below.



Lord & Taylor Relies On Instagram Images To Sell (Out) On Their Behalf

 Promoting the debut of its Design Lab collection, retailer Lord & Taylor took to Instagram to do their advertising and selling for them–and boy, did it ever! Partnering with 50 influential fashion bloggers, each hand-picked based on aesthetic style and number of followers, the dress was featured in personal blogs, ultimately leading to the dress to sell-out in days. New patterns of the dress are due out in the coming months for all of those who may have missed their chance last week (insert giant sigh of relief to all those die-hard fashionistas out there).



American Greeting’s Multimedia Campaign Encourages Us To Make ThankLists

Stemming from the concept of a ‘bucket list’ comes the ‘ThankList’. American Greetings has launched a multimedia campaign that encourages us to reflect on those who deserve a simple and heartfelt “thank you”, something that is so simple to do, and yet means so much to those on the receiving end. Partnering with award-winning documentarian Barbara Kopple, several stories are featured in short films, all of which can be viewed on the website. “Creating more meaningful connections between people isn’t simply something we believe in,” explains client president and COO John Beeder. “It’s something we are actively doing, and ThankList is the perfect way to demonstrate that practicing gratitude is easy and impactful.” Take a look at the trailer and videos below, and don’t say we didn’t warn you, that you may find yourself digging around for some tissues after you do.





This Outdoor Billboard Produces Fresh Lettuce, Clean Air & Fresh Water For Local Residents

Billboards that simply display a message are becoming a thing of the past. Imagine a billboard that uses natural resources to produce food, fresh water and clean air simultaneously. Well, there is no need to imagine as this billboard located in Peru does exactly that. Dubbed the ‘Air Orchard’, this hydroponic billboard extracts water from the air to produce 2,800 heads of lettuce a week and 96 liters of drinking water daily, available for free to locals.




David Beckham’s H&M Spoof Might Be Better Than The Real Thing

We thought we would finish the week up with a fun spoof to keep you smiling. This parody of David Beckham’s H&M spot featuring James Cordon is nothing short of brilliant. Have a watch…






Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

Don’t let the sideways rain from yesterday fool you–spring has officially SPRUNG! Take a few minutes to catch up on a few of the latest stories from this week, it’s time for your mid-week mash-up!


Ad For Spanish Football Magazine States, ‘If He Can Play,  He Can Dance’

This fun ad from Spanish football magazine, Libero, humorously points out that any man who can play football, can also dance–despite what he might say. Explain it in terms that a man can understand…very well played.




3-D Jameson Ads on Instagram Are Pure Gold

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day last week, Jameson launched the #LongLiveTheShot campaign that coupled 3D ads on Instagram with proximity-marketing technology used to target people outside of specific bars and neighborhoods within New York City. In addition to the new ads and specific messaging, fans were also invited to share their St. Patrick’s Day experiences through the lens of a shot glass filled with Jameson whiskey. This collective celebration of St. Patrick’s Day that highlighted local neighborhoods can be seen on Instagram by searching #ShotsEyeView and/or #LongLiveTheShot.



 Ikea Reminds Us To Always Believe In Your Shelf

These latest ‘Shelf-Help’ ads from Ikea not only help you with your junk–they can also serve as a form of marriage counseling! Begin your journey to ‘shelf discovery’ by watching the ad below…




Audi’s Latest Billboards Are Made Of Water Vapor, Highlighting Zero Emissions Cars

The advertising for the new Audi A7 Sportback h-tron is seriously as cool as the features of the car itself! Using a fuel cell coupled with a hybrid battery, nothing escapes the exhaust pipe except water zapor. As a way to emphasize the zero-emissions capabilities, German agency Thjnk created these cool outdoor billboards, also made of vapor. Check them out below…



OK Go Is Back With Another Video That Will Leave You Amazed–Only This Time It’s An Ad For A Chinese Furniture Store

The latest video from OK Go is back and truly doesn’t disappoint! Full of amazing optical illusions, you will probably want to watch it twice! We’ve included another recent video and the infamous treadmill video that took the Internet by storm back in 2009. Enjoy!












Amazing Customer Experiences Increase Customer Advocacy Twofold

According to recent IBM research, fully engaged customers spend three times more and are twice as likely to recommend your company. So, getting your customers to sell on your behalf is the new role for marketing. And delivering amazing customer experiences is the strategy to deliver this.

Dialogue believe that a delighted customer is a company’s most leverageable asset. Dialogue help Irish companies design and deliver epic customer experiences that help build loyalty and stimulate advocacy. We are founding members of the initiative who help Irish companies to deliver amazing customer experiences, because ‘good’ is simply not cutting it any more.

Cexi is made up of international partners providing a global international hub and tried and tested framework for Ireland inc.  Over two decades, Dialogue helped companies leverage customer data to drive epic engagement. More recently we are now designing and delivering amazing first-time welcome experiences that start new relationships on the right foot. Dialogue also help companies to understand individual customers circumstances so that post-transaction communications help lock-in greater loyalty and further advocacy. And of course doing this in the connected world is now paramount across all touch points.

Michael Killeen

Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

Another wet and windy one outside, folks! Just might be the perfect excuse to pop on the kettle, and take a look at a few of the weeks top stories…here is your mid-week mash-up!


Audi’s Cars Serve As Safe-Haven From Pesky Drone Attacks

A fun nod to Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, this latest ad from Audi shows us just how well an Audi A6 can protect us from a dangerous drone attack…because they ARE coming for you…



Video Ads Become Top Priority for Twitter As SXSW Festival Draws Near

Advanced video capabilities are set to take top priority for Twitter as the upcoming SXSW festival begins this weekend, kicking off with Interactive on Friday, March 13th. Allowing for easier sharing capabilities and much greater potential for advertising opportunities, Twitter is now focused on the seamless video play throughout the news stream. Keep an eye (or two) out for them…



 Stop Ignoring That Giant Lump In The Street; It Could Be Cancer

This latest PSA for Cancer Research UK communicates the urgent need for people to notice what is right in front of them–and stop ignoring the danger you can see. And what is right in front of them could very well be the first signs of cancer. Have a look…


Your Attention Is Needed To Help The Woman On This Billboard

This powerful outdoor billboard uses the help of facial recognition technology to give notice to the growing epidemic of domestic violence. As passersby begin to take notice of the badly bruised woman on the billboard, she begins to heal. The more people looking at her, the quicker she heals.



Hilarious Pre-Roll Ads You Will WANT To Keep Watching

Car insurance brand Geico released a series of pre-roll ads that wrap-up within 5 seconds, but will keep you watching (and laughing) until the very end. Have a look…





Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

Hope everyone is enjoying the unusual bright and sunny day outside! Why not pop on the kettle, kick up your feet and settle into a few of the the week’s top stories, it’s time, once again, for your mid-week mash-up!


Skoda Steals The Show In This Clever New Spot

This latest spot for Skoda’s Fabia proves the car is something worth staring at. No, seriously, have a look below…



Brands Join #TheDress Debate With Fun And Clever Tweets


Unless you have been living under a rock the past week, it’s quite possible you’ve come across the great debate regarding the colour of a dress that has taken the Internet by storm. We all know things cannot go viral without brands taking the opportunity to weigh-in on the fun. And that is exactly what the likes of Lego, Behr Paint, Oreo, Snapple, AT&T, Snickers, Guinness, Ikea, Skittles and Dominos have done in funny and clever tweets regarding the infamous dress.


 Jose Cuervo Launches

In honour of National Margarita Day (which just passed on February 22nd), Jose Cuervo launched a canister holding the contents of a margarita into space, only to have it parachute back down to the ground in an icy (shaken not stirred), delicious cocktail. Have a look…




Rebecca Minkoff’s New Boutique Will Change The Way You Shop

Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with Ebay to create a shopping experience like no other. Using new technology developed by Ebay, visitors to her NYC boutique can take part in a unique experience they won’t soon forget–and neither will she, as valuable data is collected throughout your shopping journey, giving Minkoff detailed insights into the shopping behaviours of her fans. Take a look…



New PSA Reminds Us That ‘Love Has No Labels’ 

Filmed on Valentine’s Day, this PSA from is surely guaranteed to leave you smiling and is a lovely reminder that before anything else, we are all human. Have a watch…


Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

Another week has come and gone and we’ve got another few stories to share with you! Pop on the kettle, kick up your feet and settle into these top stories, it’s time for your Mid-week Mash-up!


Reebok Challenges Us To ‘Be More Human’ In New Campaign

No pain, no gain! Reebok has launched a global repositioning campaign that features the often-intense and grueling fitness regimes of everyday, hardcore athletes in their latest ad titled, ‘Freak Show’. If this ad doesn’t inspire you to grab your trainers and run through the mud, we don’t know what will…



Dove and Twitter Partner Up For Social Change

Setting out to change the conversation on social media, Dove has teamed up with Twitter in the #SpeakBeautiful campaign, urging us all to change our negative sentiment online to a positive one when it comes to body image. Join the conversation on Twitter and contribute to the positivity.



Honda Challenges Us All to ‘Keep Up’ In Speed Reading Ads

Promoting their new product range, Honda has released a new ad that challenges us to ‘Keep Up’ (if you can) while words appear at a speed of 500 words per minute across the screen. The fast-paced feel and flashing of words is accelerated online, where you can challenge yourself to harder versions. Are you keeping up?



Snickers Transforms New York Billboard In Follow-Up to Super Bowl Spot

Following on from their successful Super Bowl ad that received top-notch ratings from viewers, Snickers presented New York City with a billboard of Marcia Brady and documented the three-week transformation of Marsha to Danny Trejo in the comical ‘Hungerlapse’.  Take a look…



The Visual Masterpiece That Is ‘The Wizard of Oz’ As Imagined By a Blind Girl

American cable provider Comcast debuted a powerful ad during Sunday night’s Oscars that features the imagined look of The Wizard of Oz as described by Emily, a young girl who was born blind. As mentioned in the ad, Comcast offers a feature called “talking guide”, developed by the Comcast Accessibility Lab, that includes voice guidance and easy one-touch access to closed-captioning. This feature is a prime example of Comcast’s commitment to provide people with visual disabilities the opportunity to enjoy entertainment. Have a look…