Amazing Customer Experiences Increase Customer Advocacy Twofold

Customer service

According to recent IBM research, fully engaged customers spend three times more and are twice as likely to recommend your company. So, getting your customers to sell on your behalf is the new role for marketing. And delivering amazing customer experiences is the strategy to deliver this.

Dialogue believe that a delighted customer is a company’s most leverageable asset. Dialogue help Irish companies design and deliver epic customer experiences that help build loyalty and stimulate advocacy. We are founding members of the initiative who help Irish companies to deliver amazing customer experiences, because ‘good’ is simply not cutting it any more.

Cexi is made up of international partners providing a global international hub and tried and tested framework for Ireland inc.  Over two decades, Dialogue helped companies leverage customer data to drive epic engagement. More recently we are now designing and delivering amazing first-time welcome experiences that start new relationships on the right foot. Dialogue also help companies to understand individual customers circumstances so that post-transaction communications help lock-in greater loyalty and further advocacy. And of course doing this in the connected world is now paramount across all touch points.

Michael Killeen

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