Achieving Improved Performance From Your Marketing Solutions


What approaches can help marketing, branding and communication professionals decide what marketing solutions should play a role in generating better results?

1.  Maintaining a cohesive marketing strategy
While this may seem obvious, maintaining cohesion when the channels you are using to reach customers are dispersed and diffused is a constant challenge. And what was previously a matter of identifying needs and communicating benefits now requires a whole new range of skills and capabilities in order to engage customers.
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2.  Using social media effectively
One of the ways to increase engagement with a customer is by using email in conjunction with social media. Marketers can then, by capitalizing on the strengths of the different channels, keep their customers engaged and their message fresh.
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3.  Influencing customer behaviour in the marketplace
Few companies consider the full customer experience and how each stage of the experience can add value. A customer experience that is efforless and then meets the customer’s expectations can work in the same way as nudge theory. By making the desired action the easy thing to do, we encourage and influence that action.
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4.  Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts
Marketers need to be fluent in using analytics to compare how different aspects of a marketing initiative are performing, and not just in terms of ROI, but also how it has affected brand recognition and perception.
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5.  What are the new challenges for chief marketing executives?
Marketing currently has an enhanced profile as businesses realise how critical it is to ensure growth. However, this puts more pressure on marketing executives to demonstrate this in practice. This means driving top-line growth and brand strength in an era where customers are empowered by social media.  To do this, marketing executives must reorient company culture to be more customer-centric and ensure that the customer experience is consistent with the brand promise.
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