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Catching someone’s eye is a task that consumers subliminally engage in thousands of times every day. It’s also the all-powerful first step in great communication. With information overload all around us, we get a mere 1.3 seconds to catch someone’s eye. This is now the most serious challenge facing marketers desperate to engage with new consumers, especially if they want their message to be shared socially.

Social media encourages consumers to shape news and share content adding to the blizzard already out there. Marketing needs to engage professionals who understand the strength of Instant Visual Storytelling (IVS). Designers, Art Directors, Photographers and Illustrators are trained to appeal to different audiences with killer IVS. They are fixated with winning the 1.3 second engagement battle.

Consider why the following image stops you in your tracks


Nothing about it is carefully staged. It is authentic and editorial in style, creating that instant story that locks you in and leaves you wanting more. We need to focus less about showcasing product features and more about appealing to the emotional side of the consumer’s brain. Try sharing a stock photo on Facebook and see where that gets you. But show a picture of your customer care team up to their wellies in manure at electric picnic… you get the picture.

Every company in Ireland has invested heavily in technology that spreads copy-heavy content, which adds to this problem. We need to take a leaf out of our farming cousins by spreading less manure but of a higher quality.

This is why it has never been more important to invest in powerful visuals that tell instant stories.  Invest less on systems and more on original photography, illustration and professional art direction and watch your engagement rates soar. While your internal marketing team know how to operate the system they know ‘Jack Manure’ about how to win the 1.3 second battle.

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Michael Killeen

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