Websites are just not enough. How to advertise in the mobile era.


There have been huge shifts in how people are accessing the internet. Its incredible to think that the mobile has grown into an advanced data system and it’s arguably more versatile than the computer. Today, people use it for shopping, searching, socializing, getting directions, to name just a few. Smartphone sales have risen significantly with smartphone devices accounting for 90% of mobile sales and over 700,000 Android mobile devices being activated everyday. These trends highlight the growing importance and influence smartphone devices have on consumer decision making.

This has created consumer behaviour referred to as the “Zero Moment of Truth”. This refers to the significant role mobile phones have in purchasing decisions. When someone is purchasing an item they use their mobile phone to search for reviews, referrals and prices to compare and then they make their decision. This has a huge impact on what products a consumer buys, where they buy it and what they will pay for it.

Mobile technology has also changed the concept and structure of mobile marketing. At present online search advertising works by analyzing your contextual keywords when you search. Now, with 93% of smartphone searches used for local searches, geographical location is becoming increasingly important in online advertising. When a person searches for a product from their mobile phone the nearest location to buy this product can be factored into the results. Mobile optimized websites have grown in significant importance and will increase in the next few years. As a result brands have realized the importance of enabling their website to be viewed on smartphones.

How can brands adapt to this trend? First, ensure that your website is mobile optimized. Most web hosting offer an easy conversion on websites. Secondly, start thinking in the context of geography when you are advertising. Remember context and location counts in the mobile search market. Finally, and most importantly, brands need to start thinking differently about mobile. It is the bridge between the online and offline worlds. When you are looking at your marketing mix you need to make sure that creative mobile advertising features heavily. Because if you don’t your competitors will.

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