The Ghost of Christmas (Ads) Past


Christmas trees popping up in unusual places around Ireland, snowmen going to great lengths to buy gloves for his snow-gal, and the festive (and extremely stylish) journey of a woman headed home… yes, the holiday ads of 2012 are well underway, and we at Dialogue have already chosen our favourites. But besides the Spar, John Lewis and Debenhams TV spots of 2012, many people find themselves feeling nostalgic over Christmas ads from years past.

Everyone knows that the Guinness ads are just as iconic as the beer itself; snow lightly falling on St. James’s Gate as we witness beautiful scenes throughout Ireland on a silent, snowy Christmas Eve. Or who could forget the playful snow-filled scenes of O2’s 2011 ad that truly and literally illustrate the lightness felt by all when surrounded by close friends and family? The scenes from ESB’s touching ad from the 1980’s feature a young man’s homecoming whilst his ‘mammy’ happily prepares the many comforts of home; an emotional scene that conjures a lump in the throat of any person who has ever left home and simply longs for the chance to return. And finally, the classic Kelloggs Cornflakes ad will forever deserve a mention as Santa’s smallest sweetheart shares a bowl of cereal with the big man in red.

But, whether you fancy the ads where cityscapes take on the illusion of oversized pints of Ireland’s favourite stout or catching the hand of the one you love while making snow angels, it is hard not to smile when you catch a glimpse of your favourite holiday ad.

Happy Christmas from everyone here at The Dialogue Network.



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