IDMA BBQ with Kingsley Aikins Thursday July 19th


IDMA are hosting another great networking BBQ next Thursday July 19th. The theme for the evening is “Networking our way out of the recession”. Kingsley Aikins will be giving an insightful talk on how Ireland can grow out of the recession by networking the diaspora. This will be followed by gourmet BBQ.

For more info please check out the link below:

Thanks and we hope to see you there!!

Praise for Kingsley:

“Kingsley is simply one of the highest power speakers (and bear in mind his style comes across as low key) that I have heard in 4 decades of listening to speakers. What’s more , his topic was networking and after his talk he spent at least 5 minutes with every single person in the audience (approcx25 of us). Very impressive!”

– Bill Moss, The Bill Moss Partnership.

“After 1 hour talking to Kingsley you walk away with a conviction that just about anything is possible when you draw on the collective strength of the networks around you who share your belief and optimism about a brighter future for Ireland.”

– Lucy Masterson, Hireland.

“Kingsley does ‘naked presentations’ better than anyone else I know! In other words, no powerpoint nor props not pointless imagery, rather he weaves a fascinating story for his audiences based on experience, facts, ancedotes and compelling conjecture about the future for Ireland and for all of us”.

– Gerard O’Neill, Chairman of Amárach Research.

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