Hireland – The Time Is Now


Back in February of last year, members within Dialogue decided it was time to do something about the unemployment crisis in Ireland and set in motion a movement that created the brand “Hireland.ie”.

Thanks to the support from neighbours to students to marketing professionals to family and friends, Hireland.ie was launched this week – without a bank account. Thanks to the continued support of colleagues across the Irish marketing industry who volunteered significant time and media resource in the most humble of ways – completely free of charge!

Hireland.ie is asking SME’s to consider hiring one person this year and get the country back up and running again. We are encouraging business owners to go to the www.hireland.ie website and pledge a job. The campaign will run for six weeks and the response over the first four days has been overwhelming with 700+ jobs pledged. The immediate results have given us great confidence that the Hireland.ie movement will hit its goal of creating 5,000 new jobs by midsummer.

We have a series of steps that we plan to execute over the coming weeks to maintain this momentum so please keep an eye out and continue to support it were you can.

Thanks again to all of you who have engaged, supported and pledged this week. And may we ask everyone to go onto the www.hireland.ie site and pledge just one job if you can or raise it with those who are in a position to do so and should.

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