Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

Another beautiful Autumn day outside with the sun shining here in Dublin. Pop on the kettle and have a look at a few of the top stories from the past week. Here is your mid-week mash-up!


This Latest Guinness Ad Is Irish Historic Perfection

Often following in the footsteps of both parents and grandparents, this latest ad from Guinness focuses on the historic roots of the brand, proudly boasting the best is yet to come. Take a look…




#NotInMyName Campaign Hopes To Give The World A True Look At Islam

With more than 14,000 tweets in less than 7 days, the campaign #NotInMyName continues to trend worldwide. Created by London-based organization ‘Active Change Foundation’, the campaign was created to remind the world that ISIS is not a true reflection of Islam–in fact, it couldn’t be further from the religious foundations of Islam. Have a look…




The Sounds Of Oreo Are Delicious

Anyone else craving an Oreo and glass of milk after watching this ad completely made up of Oreo sounds? Have a watch…




KLM’s Lost And Found Dog To The Rescue

We couldn’t help but love this idea–a cute dog tracks down the owners of items left on a KLM flight. Need we say more?




Heineken Powers Live CNBC Program Highlighting Hidden Gems Within European Cities

As part of a recent partnership, Heineken is powering a live CNBC International television program called City Limits: Live, showcasing a number of the best kept cultural secrets across 3 of Europe’s most iconic and loved cities. Heinekin encourages viewers to participate in the campaign and push to make it viral by using the hashtag #openyourcity to generate buzz across social media platforms. In addition to the hashtag, the new @wherenext platoform (powered by crowd-sourced, real-time information across social media platforms) allows access to some of the hottest, hidden treasures in each town. Here is a look at what London has to offer…




Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

Halfway through your week and ready for another midweek mashup? Not to worry, we have you covered with some of the latest stories that caught our eye in the past week. Don’t forget to pop on the kettle before settling into this week’s stories…


Samsung Mocks Latest iPhone Announcement (Yet Again)

Following Apple’s big announcement of the iPhone 6 last week, Samsung realeases a series of ads that mocks the “innovative” updates to their biggest competitor’s big realease–again. Not sure about you, but theses latest ads felt a bit weak. Sour grapes, anyone?





Cinnabon Hits The Sweet Spot With Social Media Chatter

It’s been more than 2 years since Cinnabon released a TV ad, but that doesn’t mean the company has gone quiet. In fact, the brand currently has over 1 million Facebook fans and nearly 64,000 followers with a running tally of 63,400 Tweets, to date! Smells like someone has a taste for social…




Dancing Traffic Light Encourages Safety on Streets of Lisbon

The company behind the world’s favourite tiny Smart Car have developed a new campaign that encourages pedestrians to wait for the little green man to light up (indicating that it’s safe to cross the road) by making the little red man much more entertaining. This ad is part of Smart’s #WhatAreYouFor campaign, emphasizing the company’s dedication to safety. Have a look–we dare you NOT to start busting a move, yourself!




Touching Ad Suggests How To Cash In Your Expedia+ Rewards Points

Parents who spend a majority of their working lives travelling will definitely relate to this latest ad from Expedia. Not sure about you, but we wouldn’t mind spending a bit of time on the road if it meant we could cash in on a safari…take a look!




New Coca-Cola Ad Thanks Nameless Strangers In New Feel-Good Ad

And finally, we leave you with this uplifting ad from Coca-Cola that proves sometimes the people that make your day, are the people you don’t even know…


Using Images To Tell A Story

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, however in business, a picture can be worth a lot more. When choosing images or pictures to tell a specific story, it’s important that the business knows what brand or message they are trying to convey. With popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter becoming important sources of traffic, it’s vital for businesses to know which photos to choose  and when and where to post them. Today’s consumers gravitate towards visual content with photos generating 53% more likes on Facebook compared to the average post. All of these social media channels help businesses to tell a story that creates engagement and helps to nurture and build brand loyalty with customers.

A simple picture has the ability to capture emotion, mood and ideas without using any text, so it is important that your brand produces something that grabs the attention of the viewers. Our brains process pictures 60,000 more times faster than text therefore you really only have 1.3 seconds to capture our attention.

Below are some compelling pictures that tell a story without using any text…


Madison Duffy
Account Executive




1.3 seconds

Catching someone’s eye is a task that consumers subliminally engage in thousands of times every day. It’s also the all-powerful first step in great communication. With information overload all around us, we get a mere 1.3 seconds to catch someone’s eye. This is now the most serious challenge facing marketers desperate to engage with new consumers, especially if they want their message to be shared socially.

Social media encourages consumers to shape news and share content adding to the blizzard already out there. Marketing needs to engage professionals who understand the strength of Instant Visual Storytelling (IVS). Designers, Art Directors, Photographers and Illustrators are trained to appeal to different audiences with killer IVS. They are fixated with winning the 1.3 second engagement battle.

Consider why the following image stops you in your tracks


Nothing about it is carefully staged. It is authentic and editorial in style, creating that instant story that locks you in and leaves you wanting more. We need to focus less about showcasing product features and more about appealing to the emotional side of the consumer’s brain. Try sharing a stock photo on Facebook and see where that gets you. But show a picture of your customer care team up to their wellies in manure at electric picnic… you get the picture.

Every company in Ireland has invested heavily in technology that spreads copy-heavy content, which adds to this problem. We need to take a leaf out of our farming cousins by spreading less manure but of a higher quality.

This is why it has never been more important to invest in powerful visuals that tell instant stories.  Invest less on systems and more on original photography, illustration and professional art direction and watch your engagement rates soar. While your internal marketing team know how to operate the system they know ‘Jack Manure’ about how to win the 1.3 second battle.

For more Check out our latest eBook ‘ You’ve Got 1.3 Seconds. Make Them Count!’ available here 


Michael Killeen

Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-up

Happy Wednesday, all. Don’t forget to pop on that kettle before settling into some of our favourite stories from the past week–here is your mid-week mash-up…


Marks and Spencer Tickles Our Tastebuds In New Ad

Nothing like a bit of slow-motion video footage of delicious food to get those tastebuds gunning for a bite. Anyone else hungry after watching this?




US Open Uses Social Media To Tell The #StoryOfTheOpen on New York Billboard

Watch the #StoryOfTheOpen unfold as daily updates are incorporated into a beautiful mural that visually captures key highlights of the tennis tournament. Painted by local artist Josh Cochran for 15 consecutive days, the billboard rests above New York’s Midtown Tunnel. Cochran uses tweets featuring #StoryOfTheOpen as inspiration for his daily additions while you can view each day’s update on both Facebook and YouTube. Here is a look at week one…




Guinness Africa Shows The World What It Means To Be ‘Made Of Black’

The latest ad from Guinness features a beautiful montage of African culture set to the track of Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead”, proving black is not just a colour, it’s a state of mind.




Irish Gay Rights Advocacy Group Prepares Us For ‘Armagayddon’

To prepare us all for the upcoming referendum on marriage equality, Irish gay rights advocacy group ‘LGBT Noise’ has partnered up with Like Minded Productions to produce this hilarious short film on the impending ‘Armagayddon’ that is due to hit Ireland in the Spring of 2015. Have a look…




For The Love Of White Russians

Jeff Bridges gives a nod to his White-Russian-loving character from ‘The Big Lebowski’ in this short film for Kahlúa. The dude still abides, it seems…







Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

It’s a blustery day out there, friends–perfect excuse to grab a hot coffee and spend a few minutes looking over the stories that have caught our eye over the past week. Here is your mid-week mash-up…


Brands Cleverly Join The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Anyone who hasn’t been officially nominated to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, don’t worry–your time will come! Meanwhile, have a look at a few of our favorite videos from brands who cleverly took on the challenge themselves, taking part in the most successful viral charity drive in history.





Instagram Introduces New Hyperlapse App

‘Hyperlapse From Instagram’, a new time-lapse app from Instagram was recently launched for iPhone. The app features unique stabilization technology, turning handheld time lapse recordings into smooth finish videos, with a professional, cinamatic style. Have a look…



99 Bottles Of Beer In Your Fridge?

82 pounds of craft beer, anyone? Austin Beerworks, brewers of the ‘Peacemaker Anytime Ale’, a beer so good you will want to have several on hand at all times, introduce the world to their 99 pack of beer. Yes, you read that correctly, 99 cans of beer boxed up just for you. How has nobody thought of this before?



Quiet, Please…Heineken’s US Open Stunt Quiets New Yorkers

Silencing a crowd to win free tickets to the US Open? Sounds easy, right? Think again. Heineken and Wieden + Kennedy, team up to quiet a crowd (as tennis chair umpires do) for the chance to win tickets to the US Open, in this fun stunt. Only catch, you must keep a crowd of people in New York’s Union Square quiet long enough to win.



Deadline The Movie

Deadlines. Don’t turn around, they’re right behind you. Greek agency, Admine, created this chilling movie trailer featuring the dreaded creature that we know and loathe–the deadline. Enjoy…





Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

Pop on the kettle, kick up your feet, and warm up this chilly morning with the latest stories that caught our eye so far this week. Here is your mid-week mash-up.


Miller Lite Turns Summer Pics From Fans Into National TV Ad

As the summer begins to wind down and kids prepare for their return to school, Miller Lite celebrates some of our greatest summer moments by featuring several pictures shared by fans, from their #ItsMillerTime social campaign, launched last May. Check out the latest ad that features their retro-style cans in the midst of some of summer’s most memerable (and user-generated) moments…




Say Hello To Messages On Pinterest

The art of collaboration, turning ideas into actions, and sharing inspiration is the true essense of Pinterest, and the underlying theme behind the new ad promoting their new messaging feature. Have a watch…



Film Trailer Directs Audience To Whisper App

While it’s not unusual for film trailers to direct viewers to a Facebook page or promote a specific hashtag, we now see them incorporating the use of apps to provide further details for upcoming films. ‘Men, Women & Children’, a soon-to-be-released film surrounding the secret lives of people online, has teamed up with ‘Whisper’, an anonymous social network where people can share secrets and confessions about themselves, never revealing who they are. We have to admit, we are pretty intrigued…



Tom Hanks’ Typewriter App Brings Back The Art Of Writing

‘Hanx Writer’, a new app launced by Tom Hanks, has quickly become the most downloaded iPad app in the app store. The app turns your iPad into a classy, retro typewriter, giving you the experience of old-school writing at its greatest. Watch the demo for more info:



The Breaking Bad Boys Are Back, Pawn Shop Style

And finally, we couldn’t resist this hilarious spot from Audi, promoting the upcoming Emmy Awards. Here is your weekly fix of humour, we hope you love it as much as we do!




Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

Happy Wednesday, all! Pop on that kettle, put your feet up and check out the top stories from the week so far; here is your Mid-week Mash-up…


O Captain, My Captain; The World Bids A Fond Farewell To A Comic Genius

After news that Robin Williams, 63, had passed away, social media sites were flooded with touching tributes that honoured the life of a man who devoted a majority of his life to making us laugh. Millions of tweets have been shared as the world continues to mourn his loss. Below we have shared one of Williams’ final productions, Apple’s ‘Your Verse’, an ad featuring the memorable monologue from ‘Dead Poets Society’, as well as the 2 most recent ‘Your Verse’ spots. Rest in peace, Robin. You are so loved and so missed.



Toyota’s New Stunt Turns The Streets of Prague Into An Impromtu Karaoke Stage

Prague locals sing along to pop classics in Toyota’s latest stunt titled ‘The Playlist’. The spot features the Toyota Yaris cruising through the streets as the stereo system, connected to GPS, triggers a different song based on which direction they decide to drive. Have a watch…



‘Rewind The Future’ To Stop Obesity

A new ad from ‘Strong 4 Life’, an initiative focused on the growing epidemic of obesity amongst children, shows the dangerous outcome of feeding children unhealthy foods at a young age, and how negatively it can affect our lives by they time we are adults.



Canadian Cancer Society Invites You To Save A Life By Facing Your Fears

A clever campaing introduces the idea of facing your fears, and raising money for cancer at the same time. Whether it’s heights, spiders or sharks, all you need to do is film a video of yourself describing your fear, how much money it will take for you to face it and eventually a video of you actually facing what scares you the most. What are you afraid of?



Couple Uses #ShareACoke Campaign To Announce Pregnancy

And finally, we share this cute video from Patrick and Whitney McGillicuddy, who share their big news by using personalised Coke bottles to announce their pregnancy. Congrats!



Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

Good morning, Dublin! We are already halfway through our week (thanks for that extra push, bank holiday), and ready to catch up on the top stories that have caught our eye so far. Here is your mid-week mash-up…


Bret Michaels Professes His Endless Love To Nissan

Cheesy 80s-style music video featuring Bret Michaels, flaming guitars and a sexy Nissan testing facility? What more could you want in an ad? Have a watch…



Puppy Love Is In The Air, Thanks To These Interns

The interns from agency BBH and local New York animal shelter ‘Social Tees Animal Rescue’, struck gold with an idea that uses the popular dating app, Tinder, to match people up with abandoned dogs, rather than a date. With the 10 dogs posted, they received more than 2700 matches in less than a week! It must be love…



Kimberly Clarke Wants You To Drop Your Pants For ‘Underwareness’

A new campaign for its Depend brand urges people to “drop their pants” as a way to raise awareness for the often-taboo subject of bladder control. The campaign aims to use social media as a tool for people to keep the conversation going throughout the duration of the campaign.



BMW’s Graceful ‘Drift Mob’ Ad Reinvents The Flash Mob

We cannot help but feel absolutely mesmerised by the sychronised skids and squeals from BMW’s latest ad, ‘Epic Drift Mob’. Wonder if Bret Michaels’ Nissan van can keep up…



TD Canada Bank Gives Back To Their Customers In This Emotional Promotion

This emotional video highlighting a Canadian bank’s touching customer appreciation stunt will have you reaching for the tissues…don’t say we didn’t warn you!



Dialogue’s Mid-Week Mash-Up

Well, hello, Wednesday! We are excited to remind you that you are officially halfway through the work-week and only 2 days away from a long weekend! Time to pop on the kettle, sit back and check out the stories that have caught our eye so far this week…here is your Mid-week Mash-up!


Samsung’s Partners With The ASP In This Beautifully Shot Ad

Samsung becomes the first global partner of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP); a partnership that is featured in their latest ad that focuses on the worldwide growth of surfing. The ad includes a number of pro surfers and demonstrates that no matter how long you’ve been surfing, when it comes to the power of the waves, everyday is day one.



LinkedIn’s Redesigned Mobile App Puts Emphasis On Relationships

LinkedIn’s latest mobile app update features a redesigned profile page that focuses on the relationship aspect of the platform. The aim of the redesign is to make it easier for users to initiate conversations between other members, even if you aren’t connected yet.




Marc Jacobs Launches New Fragrance Using Dreamy Experiential Promotion In London

Promoting the release of the latest fragrance from Marc Jacobs, a dreamy experiential promotion set up in the Westfield London, White City shopping centre lures shoppers into an interactive ‘Dream Room’ inspired by the online ‘Dream Capsule’. The illusury experience has shoppers upload their own dreams into the ‘Dream Capsule’ via iPads, offering them the chance to win a shopping trip to NYC. Other features include mini deluxe handbag samples, cloud-shaped cookies and a glossy photo of their experience, which can be emailed to them and shared through social media using the hashtag #mydaisydream.


Marc Jacobs


Facebook App Reveals Who Your Parent’s Favourite Child Really Is

Ever wonder who the favourite child in your family is? Well, wonder no more. A new app called “The Favourite Child Detector” was created by agency FCB as a clever way to promote Modern Family’s upcoming season on New Zealand’s Prime TV. Simply add yourself, your siblings and the chosen parent into the app, and sit back as all interactions are analysed (likes, shares, comments and tags) and the favourite child is revealed.


favourite child app


Expedia Aims To Throw It Back In Their Latest Campaign

Every Thursday, social media sites are inundated with nostalgic shots shared by millions in the infamous ‘Throwback Thursday’ craze that encourages everyone to post and share old photos of themselves and friends. Expedia jumped on the #TBT trend and created a photo sharing campaign that centers around the recreation of people’s favourite summer photos from years past. Have a look…