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Each day, businesses go out of their way to give their customers a great experience and Dialogue want to recognise those doing it brilliantly.

Adapting to future trends

Week 2 (3)

Ever wanted to view your kitchen from your child’s perspective? Ikea are testing a virtual reality app that allows you to view their kitchen from anywhere, provided you have a virtual reality headset; something that should become regular over the coming months. Not only can you view the kitchen but you can experience it from different heights (3 ft. 3 – 6 ft. 6).  As Virtual reality becomes more and more regular, brands should be able to let their customers experience their products from anywhere. Imagine going for a test drive in the latest BMW on the autobahn from your office chair.

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‘Away fan’ experiences should never be overlooked

Week 2 (1)

Last Sunday, Dublin faced Roscommon in Dr Hyde Park. Due to a waterlogged pitch the venue was changed last minute to Carrick on Shannon. These things happen. But on this occasion, it was resolved badly. This resulted in a poor experience for  away fans that had to trek up to Roscommon . To try and sort out travel arrangements, Roscommon organised ‘free’ buses to Carrick. However we learned that a number of Dublin fans were charged €10 for the extra journey. If Dublin had a Niall Quinn on their board, maybe it could have gone a lot smoother. The lesson to be learned is that fans are your customers. Away fans included! And if you don’t treat them with respect, they may become a new Sky subscriber!

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Using customer data to create great experiences

week 2

What do disruptive companies like Uber, Amazon and Netflix have in common? They all utilise their ‘great customer data’ to create amazing Customer Experiences. Uber know who you are and where you are. By using seamless transaction they get you from one place to the other and eliminate the hassle that come from dealing with regular taxi companies.  Amazon and Netflix study your usage to create amazing personalised experiences for you. Recommendations that are actually relevant to you, not their entire customer base. All three are able to leverage the data they have and use it to make your life easier.

These companies score highly on ‘Time & Effort’, one the six key pillars of our CEXi framework.

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How to look someone in the eye in the digital world

Week 2(2)

When a blogger ran into an issue with his hosting provider he expected the usual back and forth between automation and over the phone Customer Service. He was pleasantly surprised, however, when a customer service rep popped up in a chat box and told him that somebody was already working on the issue. To make things better, the rep stayed in contact and gave him regular updates.

When sending automated answers, campaigns, or surveys to your customers, make sure real human beings follow-up. Let them use their own words and a tone that is genuine: your Customers Experience will be impacted positively and your performance will improve rapidly!

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Learn to adapt to your customer’s needs, or let your customer tell you how

Week 2 (5)

Marriott Hotels have introduced a new microsite called ‘Travel Brilliantly’. This site takes in customer ideas and invites other customers to vote and give feedback. Why invest in a planning team when you can leverage your own customers to give you ideas for innovative experiences?These experiences are far more likely to work because your very own customers gave it their own vote of confidence. Genius!

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